Saturday, 25 March 2017

Re-evaluating, revamping and rebranding

I've spent a lot of the last few months giving my life, my projects, my wants and needs, a long hard look at. Life continues to kick me while I'm down and as always I have to wonder how much that is because of wrong choices, and how much is just a long run of "bad luck". I have come to this point many times; I've made changes (significant and smaller), cut back on things, tried to take us in a whole new direction, but it just ends up being a "Groundhog Day" scenario.


That's just not good enough anymore!!! My kids, at least, deserve more from life. Thanks to a smorgasbord of mental health issues, working outside of the house on more than a casual basis, is out of the question (for the near future). And thanks to a number of incidents that all happened around Xmas, I no longer have the casual jobs that just kept us from fully downing last year. So now I determined this time to use my own talents to keep us afloat. This time I can't be flaky about it. This time I'll put what I can into it to make it work.

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This involves looking everything with fresh eyes; being brutally honest with myself, and working around a number of obstacles. So I'm rebranding myself and my projects. A new look, a new mission, and a new plan of action. Blogging will be central to it all; I am, after all, a writer. I'll be looking at new ways to help other creatives and work-at-home business owners, with promotion and marketing. And more.

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The Essential Bron Rauk-Mitchell will continue to be the HUB of all of my activities. One central place that sums up the essence of everything that I will be doing, and the other ventures will branch of from there (allowing people to keep up generally with what I am doing , and following specific projects that they have a deeper interest in without too much overlap). With that in mind updates here will be more frequent. But for now I'm rebranding myself across my social media platforms, and redesigning blogs and websites. I hope that you will continue to support me <3 <3 <3

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