Sunday, 1 January 2017

Writing Challenge 2017: An idea a day

Last year I committed to a story per day, but realised that with time and other projects that sometimes all I came up with was a line for a poem, a character, a name, a setting and so on. Each of those was a valuable addition to my writer's chest, and after time I just went with it. Some days I'd come up with several ideas, other days just the one. After my friend passed away the ideas came more slowly and I stopped the challenge all together.
While I was recording these ideas, I did so in a haphazard way; so this year I am keeping the ideas in a notebook dedicated to the challenge, and I will also update the blog regularly with my ideas. I'm expanding the challenge to include the photographs that I take (those that are reminders of ideas for settings etc). If nothing else, if/when the spark for writing returns I will have a treasure chest of ideas to sort through. And if the spark never returns I'll have a treasure chest of ideas to share with others in need of inspiration.
I received this pen and notebook for Xmas, so it seems timely to use them for the for the challenge. (photo thanks to my daughter, Scarey). I hope that you will join me in the challenge. There is no prize; just the satisfaction of building up a treasure trove of useable ideas.

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