Sunday, 9 February 2014

Competition: Teapot Tales & superHERo tales

COMPETITION is closed now. Thank you for your participation. I will announce winners next week.

Competition time: Last year I was fortunate enough to have 2 pieces included in 2 anthologies that were released in printed and ebook format (Teapot Tales & superHERo tales).


There are 3 giveaways: 1) Teapot Tales (ebook) 2) superHERo takes (ebook). 3)Teapot Tales + superHERo tales (ebook) [If you do not own a Kindle there is an app that you can download from Amazon to read the books on your computer.]


To enter:

Giveaway 1 & 2 are fairly easy:

Giveaway 1: To enter please send an email to with the "Teapot Tales" as the subject. One winner will be randomly chosen by me.

Giveaway 2: To enter please send an email to with the "superHERo Tales" as the subject. One winner will be randomly chosen by me.

But Giveaway 3 is a little more challenging. You have the opportunity to earn an extra entry for completing any or all of the following: 

* By visiting my Goodread's Author profile and add either or both books to your want to read list.

* By visiting my Amazon Author Profile and like the page:

* By commenting on this post.

* By following this blog.

* By liking

* By sharing this comp on social media (via google+, your facebook page, twitter, pinterest, blog about the comp or the books etc). One extra entry for each place that you share the competition (you do NOT earn extra entries for sharing numerous times on the one site BUT if you run several facebook pages each share on a page counts as an extra entry). When you tweet please make sure to tag me @Bron_Mitchell.

* By following

* By following

Please make sure to send a list to with "Giveaway 3" as the subject, and listing which of the above options for extra entries you have performed :D (I need to be able to verify your entries).

Entries close at 7pm Sunday, February 16th (Sydney time). Entry is open worldwide. No discussion will be entered to; I will pick the winners for Giveaways 1 & 2 as fairly as possible. Winners will be contacted and listed here. Thank you.

This competition was inspired by George Ivanoff (

Friday, 17 January 2014

A Letter to Steven Moffat

Some years ago I was fortunate to meet work-at-home dad, Author and Dr Who freak, George Ivanoff. The meeting was at a small Dr Who convention (surprise surprise): "Look Who's Talking". George was friendly, knowledgeable and I have to admit it, pretty darned cute. Since then, I have been an avid stalker, I mean, admirer of George :) and a fan of his work. To date I have only read The Gamers series, but George is a prolific writer and his books are often included in the premier's reading challenge.

But there is more to George than his prolific writing and good looks :D lol He's a HUUUUUGE fan of DR Who and extremely funny. I urge you all to check out his video "A Letter to Steven Moffat".... I almost wet myself with laughter and would have loved to have been there to hear him deliver this in person.

I think we should start a campaign, in all seriousness. George HAS to write at least one episode of Dr Who, and I think a brief appearance in an ep is not to much to ask. So I urge you all to start tweeting, emailing, and phoning "The Moff" and point his attention towards the video. It's not too much to ask. After all George is a talented writer and fan of this pretty good show ;) and there has already been a precedence set :D