Saturday, 29 June 2013

Creating a Female Superhero Challenge #CAFSC

I was very excited when Becky Fyfe announced the Creating a Female Superhero Challenge #CAFSC  several weeks ago. As time grew closer to the deadline though I still had nothing. A couple of days ago, I was in an exceptionally dark place and from out of that place my superhero was born. Originally I wanted to call her "The Huntress" but that name has been used for characters before so after brainstorming I chose "Celestial Arrow".  With the time remaining I have just submitted my flash fiction in it's first draft and will polish it up if needed. 

I have a great love of superheros and villians and I was very excited to take part in this challenge. I can see this as the beginning of something great for Celestial Arrow (a comic or a graphic novel).

Author: Bron Mitchell

Word Count: 500 words

Anthology: Yes

Charity: Plan International Australia (specifically their Girls Fund)

Name of female superhero: Celestial Arrow

Name of human alter ego, if different: Phoebe Hunt

Superhero Appearance (hair, eyes, body type, etc.): Long white blond hair (shines with the hint of celestial light) worn in a long plait, emerald green eyes, fair skinned, athletic, medium height.

Human alter ego appearance (if she has an alter ego): Phoebe tends to favour buns or wears caps. Her style is eclectic and very much based on her mood. Artistic and creative. Loves to sing. 

Costume: After her "birth" Celestial Arrow pleases herself when it comes to clothing. At times she adopts the hunting garb of her mentor Artemis, at other times a military based style of combat boots, tee and cargo pants. There are days when she wishes to blend in and days when she wishes to stand out. She wears and eye mask (usually black but often coloured to match her outfits). She carries a silver bow and arrows.

Celestial Arrow dresses to please herself, and is not constrained by ideals of what a superhero should wear. She has become comfortable with her body,  her appearance and her sexuality  and dresses for herself. Her clothing does not hide or exaggerate her sexuality and her assets.

Personality: She is a loner, cynical, kind but a little impatient. Hard but with a caring heart. Intelligent. She does not trust easily. Prone to jokes, one liners and innuendos.

Brief description of how the superheroine gets her powers (i.e. born with them, radioactive accident, mad scientist experiments on her, etc.): One fateful night our heroine is attacked by a gang of thugs, beaten, raped and murdered. Artemis hears her desperate cries and gives her spirit the choice, to pass on or to return. She choices to return and is reborn. Artemis nurses her back to health, trains her and bestows powers similar to her own on to her protege. 

Powers: A crackshot with the bow and arrow (she never misses), the power to call upon animals, to shapeshift (or to adopt their traits) , the ability to transform others into animals, superspeed and the ability to heal herself and others (animals included). 

Anything else important: Celestial Arrow will protect all that need her, especially women, children and animals. She will take matters into her own hands, and at times Artemis will punish the guilty. She is dark, and at times is just a few steps on the right side of the law. Over time she will lose a little of the chip on her shoulder. After her rebirth she takes a vow of temporary chastity. Her rate of aging has slowed down.

Celestial Arrow.

I died that night.

I took my last, tortured breath in a damp, dank alley, lying amongst the filthy discarded refuse of a city that had long ago stopped caring. The broken shards of glass bottles, biting mercilessly into my naked, torn skin, had become the mattress of my death bed. My 
screams of pain and anguish had long ago turned into the tortured whimpers of a trapped and dying animal. The smell of blood, urine, sweat and semen mixed with the salty smell of my tears, assaulting my senses and  triggering waves of nausea and a bout of dry retching; my belly had long ago evacuated it's contents all over the feet of one of my attackers.  

I could feel the life slowly ebbing from my bruised and broken body, my spirit clinging on to hope, even after my body had given up the strength to fight off my attackers. Blood, 
sweat and tears filled my eyes blinding me. My screams and prayers, had gone unnoticed and unanswered, yet in my mind I continued to call upon anyone that could hear my and end my suffering. 

I died that night.

As that last breath grudginly escaped I caught a last glimpse of the sky. The clouds parted and the rays of the full moon burst through my blindness, and lit up the alley like a spotlight. A warm, beam of light bathing me in love. My spirit left my body and turned toward the light, towards the gentle voice calling my name. All fear had left me, and all I felt was unconditional love. I had no sense of time, seconds and millenia passed and then I reached the source of  the light. 

"Do not be afraid my child. I am Artemis, Goddess of the light. I have heard your cries and
I have felt your pain. I am here to give you a choice. You have died, and you may now pass on to the next realm, to begin the next stage of your journey. Or you may choose to return to Earth, to begin a new life as a defender and guardian of those in need of help. But once your decision has been made there will ne no changing your mind. And a decsion must be made now." Artmeis embraced me and I was filled with her light and her love. 

"What about vengeance on those that have robbed me of life?" I asked

Artemis smiled a chilling smile. "Do not worry yourself about the scum that took your life. They have been dealt with in a manner fitting their crimes. Do not worry yourself about the details. Now, what is your decision?" She asked with a hint of impatience.

"I will return". Artemis's smile was bright and warm.

"I was certain that you would." She embraced me one last time. "I will see you again after you awaken", and with those words my spirit returned to my body once more.

I was born that night.


  1. Wow, Bron! She's a great superhero! You have a wonderful writing style too!
    ~Becky Fyfe

    1. Thank you :) I am glad that she came to me in time to enter the challenge. I have great plans for her :) And thank you for the lovely words. My words have been locked away for a long time and with every challenge I am slowly regaining my confidence in my abilities. :)

  2. I loved your usage of 'I died that night' and 'I was born that night'...a very evocative piece, and a fascinating heroine!

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback :) I had no idea where to start the piece and as I was falling asleep the phrase "I died that night" came to me. :) I have great plans for this heroine :)

  3. The first phrase really captured my attention and I was hooked. I love your description throughout; very powerful and visual. I love how you ended your story and how she got her powers. She is an amazing Super. A really fab story. x

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback :) As it is only a draft version and I had stopped writing for many years (until a few months ago), your words have inspired confidence in myself :)