Monday, 1 April 2013

COSPLAY photo comp & blog housekeeping....

TEBM Cosplay Photo Comp:

After 4 months of planning and setbacks I am almost ready to launch the cosplay photo comp. It will be run here, and it will NOT be a popularity contest. This comp will be a little different to other cosplay photo comps, and it will be the first of many contests (the next contest will be an adventure photo comp). I will finalise the terms and conditions and post them within 24 hours. Please keep checking back for the official launch announcement. I cannot stress enough, bullying and abuse of judges, other entrants and myself will not be tolerated. IT will be a one-strike and you are out policy and you will be black-listed from entering in further TEBM competitions.

TEBM Blog Housekeeping:

I am behind on the revamp of this blog (which does including merging a few blogs together). I will be continuing to update this blog and revamp it as much as possible during April. Once TEBM reaches 100 + followers I will have a special mini-giveaway to celebrate so please be sure to FOLLOW and share the blog :)

I hope your Easter week-end has been enjoyable and safe.

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