Friday, 26 April 2013

WINNERS Announced for TEBM Cosplay Comp.

I  had planned on writing one or two blog posts about the competition to keep everyone in the loop but as with all best laid plans, something got in the way.

Firstly, Thank you to everyone that entered. There was an amazing response, especially towards the closing date. 66 pics in total. I was very impressed with the quality of the pics and I am glad that I wasn't judging.

Secondly, a big thank you to all the judges. They were marvellous. Some categories were harder to judge than others and a lot of thought went into picking the winners and honourable mentions.

Thirdly, a big thank you to EVERYONE that shared the competition. It was a phenominal effort and I'm sure the next photo comp will be even more successful.

There were nine judges and each judge had one category to judge. Judges could consult with other judges but no-one else knew who the winners were once each judge had made their choice. The 10th category was judged by all and was extremely close. If I had been a judge too we would have had two winners for that category.

The judging criteria was simple. Firstly no names were submitted with the pics to be judged. Secondly, if by chance a judge did know one of the entrants in their category they were to remain impartial. If they couldn't I would reassign categories. Thirdly, even if a judge was not familiar with a character they still had to judge fairly. Just because a judge doesn't know a series doesn't mean they couldn't appreciate the costume.

Costumes that were NOT original or were NOT made or commissioned were NOT to be discriminated against. A judge's personal taste weighed into their choice to a small degree but again it was NOT to be their only criteria to select a winner.

I wish I had more prizes available and could have had 2nd and 3rd place winners as well, but everyone will receive a participation certificate. To me this is not TRITE; it is a small gesture of appreciation for entering my competition.

And now on to the winners:

Female child (under 18 years):

                                                               WINNER: Baby Leia

Honourable Mention: Princess Pirate Sarah

Male child (under 18 years):

                                                              WINNER: Elwood Blues

Honourable Mention: The Flash

Adult Female (18 years and over): 

                                             Lulu Series: Final Fantasy X 

Honourable Mention: Ritsuka Aoyagi (Artbook cover), from

Adult Male (18 years and over): 

                                                  Winner: Scarecrow

Honourable Mention: Beast

Honourable Mention: Spock

Group Cosplay (more than one person in the pic): 
WINNER: Characters (L-R): Angelina Durless. Grell Suttcliff, Sebastian and Grel suttclifflle (with a chainsaw)

Honourable Mention: The Flash, The Flash and Brainiac

Original Costume: 
                                                            WINNER: Steam Punk Fairy

Honourable Mention: Medieval Princess (Own Character)

Honourable Mention: Vortex. An aquisitional program for a search engine.

Predominately Made Costumes (85% made and can include commissioned pieces): 
                                                    WINNER: Lulu costume from Final Fantasy X

Honourable Mention: Lilith from Borderlands 2

                                     WINNER: Mr Mistoffelees (black and white) from musical Cats

Honourable Mention: Aya from Mad Father

Photography - creative editing: 
                                                   WINNER: Hatake Kakashi from Naruto

Honourable Mention: Holographic representation of ‘Slave Leia’

Cosplayers posing with WAHM Bags: 
                                                                WINNER: Stormtrooper

Honourable Mention: Ghostbusters.

Prizes will be mailed out within 4 weeks and participation certificates will also be emailed or mailed out within 4 weeks.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Announcing the TEBM Cosplay Photo Comp

After four months of planning it is finally time to launch this competition *yay*. So without further ado please welcome the judges:


The Prizes (to date):

Prize - WAHM Bag (created by Monique of  Tactile Threads and donated by WAHM Bags). This will be filled with goodies.

  • A limited edition Wahm Bag with goodies - this will be similar to those that I hand out to celebrities (from
  • Handmade choccies (made by Butterfly Magick and included in all wahmbags)
  • Outback Pampering Soothing Footbalm (Included in most wahmbags and essential for all cosplayers)
  • 20% Anime at Abbotsford Voucher 
  • A mixed set of Latex Prosthetics - including Zombie bites and cuts (from Wolf Lord Works)
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 5 (Thanks to George Ivanoff)
  • 2 prizes from a lovely cosplayer Sunny Salina
(More prizes will be added to the list once they are confirmed)


There are 10 categories. (NB: I could have included more categories but I will be having another cosplay photo comp later in the year and if I can get enough judges, prizes and publicity we will add further categories then).

Lady Gambit posing with WAHM Bags - Melb Oz Comic Con 2012

  • Female child (under 18 years)
  • Male child (under 18 years)
  • Adult Female (18 years and over)
  • Adult Male (18 years and over)
  • Group Cosplay (more than one person in the pic)
  • Original Costume 
  • Predominately Made Costumes (85% made and can include commissioned pieces)
  • Photography
  • Photography - creative editing
  • Cosplayers posing with WAHM Bags (from A link to an album on the wahm bags' page will be provided and if you are pictured there, and would like to enter, then please contact me.

What you need to do to enter:

  • Please email photos to with TEBM Cosplay Photo Comp as the subject. Each entrant may enter no more than 2 categories (preferably not the same pic).
  • You will need to include your namecontact detailswho/what you are cosplaying as and the category that you are entering. (Original characters are encouraged). You may also include a link to your site or fanpage if you have one. 
  • Each entrant will have 2 weeks  to submit their pics (by 4pm (AEST) April 15th, 2013).  After 2 weeks the judges will take one week to make their decisions. Winners will be announced on or just after April 22nd, 2013.

The Fine Print, a.k.a Rules and Regs (or everything else you wanted to know but was afraid to ask about the comp *LOL*):

  • If the photo is not your own property, please make sure you have permission to use it and give credit to the photographer.
  • Please do not submit a photo of someone else (especially a minor) unless you have their written consent (and can provide it). If you would like to nominate someone that you feel should be entered into the comp, please make sure to include a way for me to contact them.
  • Entry is restricted to those living in Australia due to postage; unless overseas entrants are prepared to pay postage for their prize (or forfeit their prize), and this must be stated when entering. (If I am able to I will have a *virtual* badge created for the winners.)
  • Entrants' names will be removed when photos are forwarded to the judges.
  • This is not a popularity contest. Likes, comments, emails, tweets etc will not make any difference to the judges and neither will bribes. The judges' decision is final. Any harrassment of judges, myself and other entrants will see your entry removed and you will be banned from entering any future competition held by myself. This is a one strike and you are out rule. If you bully on behalf of an entrant they will be notified; if it continues their entry will be removed from this competition.
  • Judges may enter one category BUT not the category/ies that they are judging.
  • This is not a popularity contest. Likes, comments, emails, tweets etc will not make any difference to the judges and neither will bribes. The judges' decision is final. Any harrassment of judges, myself and other entrants will see your entry removed and you will be banned from entering any future competition held by myself. This is a one strike and you are out rule. If you bully on behalf of an entrant they will be notified; if it continues their entry will be removed from this compettion.
  • This contest will be promoted on the blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media. The more this comp is shared the better it will be when I run future contests as I will have something to show future judges and sponsors. So please share the blog and the facebook page.
  • The winners will be announced here on the blog, on twitter and via email. (The winners will NOT be announced on FACEBOOK).
  • I am a cosplayer myself, as are my children and I know and support many cosplayers. This competition will be as unbiased as possible. I will NOT be entering the comp (my children will be permitted to if they want to). I will not be judging, but I will be available for consultation. I am providing a couple of the prizes too.
  • There are a number of prizes, provided by a number of people. As of yet the final prize list is not confirmed. If there are more prizes than categories the judges and I may decide to award prizes for encouragement.
  • Photos do not need to be taken by a professional but will need to be clear.
  • There will be no discrimination against those that have not made their costumes. But I have included a category for costumes that have been predominately made (including commissioned pieces).
  • Pictures will be displayed online, during and after the competition (mostly on facebook, here on the blog and pinterest). By entering the competition you are giving assent to the photos being used by me for promotional purposes.
  • For the photography category originality and creativity will be the focus; you do not need to be a professional but please submit only your own work.
  • It is not necessary to be a liker of The Essential Bron Mitchell facebook page, or the blog, but once again more likers will give me something to show future judges and sponsors.
  • Thank you. If these need to be modified I will announce it.

Monday, 1 April 2013

COSPLAY photo comp & blog housekeeping....

TEBM Cosplay Photo Comp:

After 4 months of planning and setbacks I am almost ready to launch the cosplay photo comp. It will be run here, and it will NOT be a popularity contest. This comp will be a little different to other cosplay photo comps, and it will be the first of many contests (the next contest will be an adventure photo comp). I will finalise the terms and conditions and post them within 24 hours. Please keep checking back for the official launch announcement. I cannot stress enough, bullying and abuse of judges, other entrants and myself will not be tolerated. IT will be a one-strike and you are out policy and you will be black-listed from entering in further TEBM competitions.

TEBM Blog Housekeeping:

I am behind on the revamp of this blog (which does including merging a few blogs together). I will be continuing to update this blog and revamp it as much as possible during April. Once TEBM reaches 100 + followers I will have a special mini-giveaway to celebrate so please be sure to FOLLOW and share the blog :)

I hope your Easter week-end has been enjoyable and safe.