Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Look New Focus New Name

Recently I began merging some existing blogs into one blog. The reason for that is because I had several sites and blogs as well as facebook fanpages. This blog has been given a new name and look. From now on it will be a hub for most of my activities (including WAHM Bags, TEEs Me Please!, Butterfly Magick) and will also include posts about writing, my 100 Things Adventures, Dipper's Adventures, cosplaying and my journey of transformation. There will be a balance of business and personal posts. I'll be spending the next few days bringing more posts over :) adding new pics and fine tuning the entire blog. So please share the blog around :)

I'd love to see this blog have 100 followers by the end of the month. If  that happens I may dig around in the prize cupboard and see if I can award a prize. :)

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