Wednesday, 1 February 2012

TEE promos resume today

Hello all :) It's been too long since my last post and my last promo TEE.

Today sees me relaunching with a Lumpy Pockets TEE.

My daughter Sarah is the photographer for this pic. 

I lined up the gig through and I was scheduled to wear the TEE in October while I was away on a trip. I would have visited The Crown Casino wearing the tee and had some really cool pics taken while wearing it. However the TEE took a month to arrive and I had returned home by then. In what has been a comedy of errors I have only just received the TEE on Monday. That co-incided with the relaunch of the TEE wearing so I saved the TEE as my first TEE for 2012. On my next trip to Melbourne I will wear the TEE again to grab some really cool pics .... but for today I will be wearing the TEE all days as I go about my errands etc. I will have a few pics taken wearing the tee and I will share them here, on the site and on the TEEs Me, Please! Facebook page.

The pic on the TEE is a caricature of me cosplaying as Lady Gambit. I love the caricature :)

This is not the exact pic that the caricature is based on but it's very similar.

For this first week of TEE wearing I will mostly just be wearing TEEs - no videos, no games etc .... just to ease back into it. I also have new prices and promotional packages available to suit most budgets. I can also taylor a package to suit your needs. The very basic day of  TEE wearing is for those that just want to send me the TEE to wear without any videos, promotions etc. I can wear it for an hour, 1/2 the day or a full day. There will be one pic taken of me wearing it which will go on the site, here and my facebook page. The cost of that is $0.00 (except for the cost of the shirt being sent to me).

A full day of promotion with video/ slideshow and/or online show, giveaways, several pics and more will range from $50 - $100 for the day. The full day of promo requires a lot of work and hence the price.

There will be other levels in between depending on what the businesses want/need. There will also be other promotions packages available that may not involve TEE wearing. The prices will be fully revealed soon.

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