Tuesday, 17 May 2011

update on promo bags

My tickets are booked for Supanova. I'm very excited. :)

Tomorrow I will pay the deposit for 12 designer gift bags to be made by my friend Monique of Original Mischief. I have decided to only take 12 bags as there has been little interest in businesses that want to financially sponsor the bags. I am also looking for a business that can provide small iconic soft toys (eg koala, bilby kangaroos, preferably keyring size), postcards (preferably featuring Sydney but australia for sure) and tim-tams (in the two serve packs or the bars). And I am looking for good quality pics of australia to use on the promo disks for the celeb gifts bags .... at this point i cannot pay you for them but you will recieve full credit on the disk and blogs and they will be watermarked etc for your protection.

I am still hoping to have businesses come on board and sponsor the bags. There will be 10 bags to sponsor as two of the bags are being auctioned to cover costs. I was asked why businesses would want to sponsor the bags. I have explained that before; I want to help people get some exposure for their businesses. I will be putting these bags into the hands of several celebrities (and 2 of Supanoava's staff members). I will try to take pics of the celebs with their bahs. I am restricting the contents of these bags to help ensure that the bags or contents will not end up discarded as often happens with showbags. The items need to be able to be carried with a large amount of luggage etc.

So businesses that sponsor finacially will be included on the promo disks and gift-card (plus mentioned on the blogs). I was told that people may not want to watch the disks. I will be making these discs as interesting as possible (including photos of Australia).

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