Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day :)

Mothers Day Gift.
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I am very lucky to still have my Mum, although I don't see her often. Some years I get to see her for Mothers' Day; some years I don't ... although I always try to speak with her on Mothers' Day. It's not always easy though as my Mum does have a life. :)

My Grandma isn't here anymore and I do miss her, so I know that my mum must really miss her too.

I try not to have high expectations for "special" days as it's too easy to go wrong. Even so, there are many Mothers' days (and birthdays) that I end up feeling less than special; mostly because everybody us still the same so there are the same complaints and power games from the kids, the same problems with my partner etc etc. Even if I vow to let it all slide off me like water off a Zen Duck I am still guaranteed to lose my temper half a dozen times on the day. My kids still have temper tantrums, acts of defiance etc..... and my partner is still his same old self (though he does try a little to tone it down). I think next year I will have no expectations at all. I know that I sound spoiled and ungrateful but every day around here is world war III or more... and I am constantly stressed at the best of times. I have the heavier share of the house work and I cop a lot of the blame for the way things are in this house. So one (or possibly 2) days a year to feel special shouldn't be asking to much. I'm expected to make everyone else's special fays magickal (at Easter i was told off by my eldest son for asking him to do chores on Easter).

I am thankful for the small gestures; the hand made cards and pressies, the special breakfast etc etc so ut's not all doom and gloom but there are still parts of the day where I think taking the dog for a sex hour walk might be something I should do, now.

Last year my partner was riding his pushbike to Brisbane (from Molong NSW) to raise funds and awareness for a special little girl. I don't believe I even received a phone call from him. I let My 2 eldest kids spend the weekend with their father and didn't receive a phone call from them either. I spent the day with my Mum and my youngest 2 children. IT was s lovely peaceful day and we went to the steam train museum; they had a special Mothers's day treat on. But as much as it can get stressful with all my family bickering on my special day, it is actually worse NOT to have them with me at all. So I'll take what I can get.

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