Monday, 30 May 2011

Feature Business: Original Mischief

I will be featuring the businesses that are contributing to the promotional gift bags that I have been discussing for a while, here on the blog. The first business is Original Mischief.

Monique of Original Mischief is the creator of the designer gift bags, pictured below:

There are 12 of these designer gift-bags. They are made from vintage terry towelling fabric and are 6 inches by 6 inches and are lined. The handles are 14 inches long so that they are comfortable in anyone's hand.

Original Mischief: "Hip handmades using vintage and retro fabrics... because every body deserves a little mischief!" 

Monique makes gorgeous original pillows and cushions, totes, clutches and bags, and girls' and women's clothing.

Original Mischief can also be found on:

Monique was one of the first people to get involved in this project.  She saw my vision and ran with it. Monique was patient with me while I made changes to the order size (from 18 to 12 as we couldn't get any financial sponsors to help cover the costs of the bags), and then she worked like a demon to get the bags made and on their way to me.

8 of  these bags will be filled with a selection of quality items, provided by other WAHMs and small business owners, to be delivered to a small number of celebrities at the upcoming Sydney Supanova (June 17-19). I will be personally handing these bags to the celebs and if possible taking photos of them with the bags. 2 of these bags will be given to Supanova Staff and the lest 2 will be auctioned off to try to recover costs (all containing the same items as the bags for the celebs).

I chose to ask Monique to make the bags as she is a friend and I love her designs. Monique did let me know that paper gift bags were a lot cheaper, but I wanted a gift that would be a collector's item in it's own right. I wanted something that would be re-useable and hence eco friendly. I also chose Monique as she is a fellow WAHM and if I'm going to spend money I would prefer the money to go to another WAHM.

Thank you Monique. I look forward to any future projects that we may work on.

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