Monday, 30 May 2011

Feature Business: Original Mischief

I will be featuring the businesses that are contributing to the promotional gift bags that I have been discussing for a while, here on the blog. The first business is Original Mischief.

Monique of Original Mischief is the creator of the designer gift bags, pictured below:

There are 12 of these designer gift-bags. They are made from vintage terry towelling fabric and are 6 inches by 6 inches and are lined. The handles are 14 inches long so that they are comfortable in anyone's hand.

Original Mischief: "Hip handmades using vintage and retro fabrics... because every body deserves a little mischief!" 

Monique makes gorgeous original pillows and cushions, totes, clutches and bags, and girls' and women's clothing.

Original Mischief can also be found on:

Monique was one of the first people to get involved in this project.  She saw my vision and ran with it. Monique was patient with me while I made changes to the order size (from 18 to 12 as we couldn't get any financial sponsors to help cover the costs of the bags), and then she worked like a demon to get the bags made and on their way to me.

8 of  these bags will be filled with a selection of quality items, provided by other WAHMs and small business owners, to be delivered to a small number of celebrities at the upcoming Sydney Supanova (June 17-19). I will be personally handing these bags to the celebs and if possible taking photos of them with the bags. 2 of these bags will be given to Supanova Staff and the lest 2 will be auctioned off to try to recover costs (all containing the same items as the bags for the celebs).

I chose to ask Monique to make the bags as she is a friend and I love her designs. Monique did let me know that paper gift bags were a lot cheaper, but I wanted a gift that would be a collector's item in it's own right. I wanted something that would be re-useable and hence eco friendly. I also chose Monique as she is a fellow WAHM and if I'm going to spend money I would prefer the money to go to another WAHM.

Thank you Monique. I look forward to any future projects that we may work on.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

update on promo bags

My tickets are booked for Supanova. I'm very excited. :)

Tomorrow I will pay the deposit for 12 designer gift bags to be made by my friend Monique of Original Mischief. I have decided to only take 12 bags as there has been little interest in businesses that want to financially sponsor the bags. I am also looking for a business that can provide small iconic soft toys (eg koala, bilby kangaroos, preferably keyring size), postcards (preferably featuring Sydney but australia for sure) and tim-tams (in the two serve packs or the bars). And I am looking for good quality pics of australia to use on the promo disks for the celeb gifts bags .... at this point i cannot pay you for them but you will recieve full credit on the disk and blogs and they will be watermarked etc for your protection.

I am still hoping to have businesses come on board and sponsor the bags. There will be 10 bags to sponsor as two of the bags are being auctioned to cover costs. I was asked why businesses would want to sponsor the bags. I have explained that before; I want to help people get some exposure for their businesses. I will be putting these bags into the hands of several celebrities (and 2 of Supanoava's staff members). I will try to take pics of the celebs with their bahs. I am restricting the contents of these bags to help ensure that the bags or contents will not end up discarded as often happens with showbags. The items need to be able to be carried with a large amount of luggage etc.

So businesses that sponsor finacially will be included on the promo disks and gift-card (plus mentioned on the blogs). I was told that people may not want to watch the disks. I will be making these discs as interesting as possible (including photos of Australia).

Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Guest List for SupaNova June 2011

Guests attendance is subject to health, family and career commitments. This list will be updated as additions and cancellations occur. These are actors, writers, artists, voice actors etc etc.

Reminder: Just because you may not have heard of everyone from here doesn't mean that you cannot be a part of the project.

You can find their bios here:

Larry Hagman *
Barbara Eden *
Bill Daily *
Tom Felton *
James Marsters **
Morena Baccarin
Gareth David-Llyod *
Julie White
Sean Maher
Danielle Harris
Corin Nemec *
David Nykll
David Finch
Dan Green *
Yuko Miyamura
Tiffany Grant
Matt Greenfield
Stewart McKenny *
Robert Clotworthy
Neil Kaplan
Kevin J. Anderson *
Rebecca Moesta *
Jon Sommariva
Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz
Marianne De Pierres *
Jennifer Fallon *
Rowena Cory Daniels
Kate Forsyth

* indicates the guests I hope to see .... ** James is my main reason for being there :)

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day :)

Mothers Day Gift.
Mothers Day Clipart by Mothers Day Central

I am very lucky to still have my Mum, although I don't see her often. Some years I get to see her for Mothers' Day; some years I don't ... although I always try to speak with her on Mothers' Day. It's not always easy though as my Mum does have a life. :)

My Grandma isn't here anymore and I do miss her, so I know that my mum must really miss her too.

I try not to have high expectations for "special" days as it's too easy to go wrong. Even so, there are many Mothers' days (and birthdays) that I end up feeling less than special; mostly because everybody us still the same so there are the same complaints and power games from the kids, the same problems with my partner etc etc. Even if I vow to let it all slide off me like water off a Zen Duck I am still guaranteed to lose my temper half a dozen times on the day. My kids still have temper tantrums, acts of defiance etc..... and my partner is still his same old self (though he does try a little to tone it down). I think next year I will have no expectations at all. I know that I sound spoiled and ungrateful but every day around here is world war III or more... and I am constantly stressed at the best of times. I have the heavier share of the house work and I cop a lot of the blame for the way things are in this house. So one (or possibly 2) days a year to feel special shouldn't be asking to much. I'm expected to make everyone else's special fays magickal (at Easter i was told off by my eldest son for asking him to do chores on Easter).

I am thankful for the small gestures; the hand made cards and pressies, the special breakfast etc etc so ut's not all doom and gloom but there are still parts of the day where I think taking the dog for a sex hour walk might be something I should do, now.

Last year my partner was riding his pushbike to Brisbane (from Molong NSW) to raise funds and awareness for a special little girl. I don't believe I even received a phone call from him. I let My 2 eldest kids spend the weekend with their father and didn't receive a phone call from them either. I spent the day with my Mum and my youngest 2 children. IT was s lovely peaceful day and we went to the steam train museum; they had a special Mothers's day treat on. But as much as it can get stressful with all my family bickering on my special day, it is actually worse NOT to have them with me at all. So I'll take what I can get.