Thursday, 28 April 2011

Promotional gift bags - update

For a couple of weeks I have been discussing my idea of creating promotional gift bags to take to me to pop culture conventions to hand out to the celebrity guests that I meet and to some of the staff etc. I have been speaking in depth with several lovely ladies that have relevant experience to give some unsight into if this can ve done and how. I have also contacted a couple of  celebrities that may be the recipients of these bags to have them weigh in on the matter.

So with no further ado (and with a little bit of the dramatic) I am revealing the plans for the gift bags.

Supanova (pop vulture convention for the uninitiated lol) will be held in Sydney at the Dome, June 17-19 2011. At this convention there will be 1000's of attendees and quite a number of celebrities (authors, cartoonists, voice actors, actors from the big and small screen). I will already be in attendabce. In the past I have tried to create interest in WAHM gifts for the attendees but people were not interested if 1) they did not know who the guest was 2) they had no interest in the guests even if they knew of them 3) they didn't think their items would be applicable to the guests.

I have given this a lot of thought and have come up with a small promotional gift bag that can be given to a number of the guests. However, these gift bags will be very different to the countless showbags, promo bags, hampers etc that are handed out by other wahm groups etc. Firstly, there is to be no extra paper in the bags (in place of countless biz cards, vouchers and coupons will be a dvd - an interactive biz card as it were). The bags will not be plastic nor will they add to the extra rubbush that is usually generated at these cons. These will be very small, wahm crafted, designer re-usable gift bags. They will be lined to make them even more durable.

Instead of filling them with a mass of wahm created products, which 1) may or may not interest the recipients, 2) may not make it through customs (if they are international guests) and 3) may not fit into their luggage limits - i will be creating a small list of items that i want to include. These will be small sized, easy to use/consume on the weekend and easy to tuck into their luggage if need be.... oh! and must be able to pass through customs with ease.

I have seen the size of some of the gifts that guests can receive so I really think small is the way to go. I am having the bags made by Original Mischief. They will be funky, original, stylish and re-useable. I would like to limit the contents to 4-6 items (not including the dvd). I do not want to specify which products are to go to which celeb as they may have to withdraw due to heath, family or career commitments.... there will be a couple of exceptions and I will clarify this later.

No one will be charged to include their OWN goodies .... and anyone wanting to contribute that doesn't have goodies can sponsor a bag. All businesses will be included on a small gift card or tag, on the dvd and on my relevant websites or blogs (ie here). I cannot guarantee that you will receive any extra business because of this, nor can I gurantee pics of  ALL the recopients with their goodie bags. I will take pics where I can.

I just thought that this could be another way to get your name out. And you just never know what can happen. If the bags are successful at this event I will take them to future events (and possible come up with other things that we can do with them).

I have been told that even including your own goodies in hampers etc can cost money - i have heard from $70 to hundreds of dollars. These events do cost money (and so do putting the bags together) so on advise I will be inviting people to sponsor bags (for $10-$15 each) but I will not charge you to include your own goodies. I cannot accept all goodies though.

I would like to include the following items * small guest soaps, candles, massage oils, choccies, a nice pen and a small puzzle. I have also been advised that items such as tim-tams, small plush aussie animal toys, musk lifesavers and vegemite. I am not a fan on including vegemite but I am open to lifesavers, small packs of tim-tams and small cute aussie toys.

I am taking names of people interested in contributing items from the above list. I always make choccies for James Marsters and will do so again this year. You do not have to contribute enough  of you item for 18 bags. There are no expectations. I do not want to send any one broke. I will not be profitting from these bags; the funds from sponsorship will go towards costs of the bags (and postage), costs for any items i need to buy for the bags, the dvds, gift tags (unless these can be donated) and towards the cost of me being at the event.

For the people wanting to sponsor bags, it was suggested that I take a deposit up front and create a waiting list for future events. Each bag will have a small number of sponsors to give everyone a chance to stand out. You may sponsor one or more bags. I feel that 5 sponsors per bag is more than enough (in fact it may be too many). But I will see how this goes. To cover the cost of the bags and incidentals of the bags i will need a minimum of 20 sponsors.

On the dvd I will have a small promo video (slideshow???) explaining who i am, what i do and who i represent. There will be a list of contributors and donors (with relevant contact details and links). I will also include some info on some other businesses that I represent and I would like to include some interesting wahm newsletters, maybe some ebooks and some other activities. And I think it would be great to include a slideshow showcasing wahm products and some photos of Aussie sites may be good too. I welcome ideas on this too.

If you have questions or want to join in you can contact me here or on

If this is to go ahead it must be finalised by the end of may :)

edited to add: i do not want anything sent to me until i know that we have enough numbers to make this happen..... and it cannot happen without a minimum of 20 sponsors.


  1. sounds good honey..what about musk lifesaver flavoured lip balm?? I can do those

    Amanda from Bodelicious

  2. yes :) i think i can maybe manage to switch the list around to include this :D thank you :)