Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Promotional gift bags/show bags and sample boxes

Ideas for promoting businesses with Tees Me, Please! and The Wahm Connection.

I have a chance to spread the word about out businesses when i attend conventions, such as pop-culture conventions. I want to have a cd-rom business card with information on what tees me please is, some promo videos, vouchers etc from your businesses and some freebies. If I cannot organise the business card sized cd-toms then i could do this with an ordinary dvd/cd -rom.

Promotional giftbags: 
I also want to have some cool promotional giftbags that I can distribute to some of the celebrities that I meet .... ideally these would be a resuable bag (a cool fashion accessories or awesome giftbag and perferably not paper or plastic), with cool treats inside from some of out wahm businesses (eg chocolates/sweets, pampering goods, quality novelty gifts, etc). I'd like these to be cool enough that people want to buy them as gifts. If we were to sell these then we would have to decide how to share the profits. I do not want to fill these full of calenders and pens and keyrings - though we could look at an inspirational magnet etc.

Sample boxes:
we could make up samples boxes (eg box of the month club, or kids box, easter box etc). These would be available to buy through the tees me please or the wahm connection site. They could also be used a s fundraisers. I'm trying to work out how to do this. I think if you provide items for the boxes/bags you would received a voucher of the same value to use towards your own purchase of a box or bag. If you donate $20 of samples you would receive $20 voucher to spend on your own box as I don't feel that we can all afford to give away masses of samples and I am not in the position to buy these items from you all. We would then have to decide on how to share the profits. A number of boxes/bags could maybe be gifted to people to help spread the word.

Promo videos:
I will be able to make promo videos soon. I will be able to offer days of promotion from your own house, shop etc. Given that I will have to factor in travel $20 for a day of promo would be impractical so I am looking into how we could do this. Some of the video footage could be used for my upcoming documentaries about wahms but at the moment I do not have any idea of any grants that I could apply for.

I can also make promotional videos whilst at these conventions (who knows, I may be able to get a shot of a celeb or two as well ;) ). Thousands of people attend these conventions and it would be am unusual way to promote our businesses. Rather than sell a day of promo I would be looking for businesses to sponsor the weekend and therefore would not be wearing a tee for each business but would come up with something else. I have an opportunity to attend several of these conventions across australia and it would be great if i could get your name out there too.

Please let me know your thoughts on this :) and i cannot wait until i have my computer problems sorted and my new camera :D

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