Monday, 14 February 2011

new direction

For a while i have been thinking about the future of TEEs Me, Please! It's not something that I want to give up but lately I've done little more than shout-outs from my facebook page. Yes I've had some valid reasons and also I've been procrastinating.

I love the concept of TEE wearing as a promotional tool. Lately a lot of these businesses have sprung up (or variations of). Due to problems of a technological nature and the fact that my domain name is still in limbo I have done no tee wearing and vary little of anything else. Every time I go to quit though something stops me. I still think that there is a need for a smaller scale, economical version of IWYS ( But I realised there are times that TEE wearing may interfere with some things in my life (eg when I'm cosplaying at a convention); however i still want to promote WAH and small businesses.

I have another venture (the WAHM Connection) that is for WAHs to connect and find resources and support. But I don't want TWC to replace TMP. So what to do? Well TEE wearing can resume once my technical issues are worked out. The videos are another matter; less face it they are at the bottom end of the quality scale and while my editing is improving my technical equipment and personal technique are still lacking. However I love to make slides shows so I'll be laking this for my client's businesses to promote their products.

But I want to do more. I went to a couple of pop culture conventions last year (these would have been a great place to promote WAG businesses but i don't want to hand out business cards that will end up on the bin with all the other promotional material.... which is why I have never suggested promo bags either). Thousands of people attend this conventions (plus there are other types of expos and conventions going on all the time). I do not necessarily want to have a stall (although that would be an idea at relevant expos). At the pop-culture conventions there are celebrities and people give them gifts. I had tried to raise interest in some WAH businesses sending me items to give to these celebs... but what type of gifts esp as they have to be able to get it home and often through customs.

If i were to start filming a weekly or daily show as I have planned the conventions would be a great backdrop; and an unusual way to promote your business because lets face it we all want to promote our businesses.

I'm not a fan of creating more merchandise to promote businesses - there are only so many magnetic calenders that a fridge will hold. Flyers, vouchers and business cards often end up in the bin as do balloons. Pens are handy but often not around when they are needed.

So these many random, jumbled thoughts began to work themselves into a rough idea. I saw a business that was making cool gift bags that are a work of art in themselves. I would like to make up promo bags (show bags) with a difference to handout at various places that I go to spread the word. Instead of dozens of business cards etc I want to hand out the business card size c-d (on that we could put a promo video, an excerpt of the wahm book i am working on, some resources, links to websites and some vouchers etc). When someone wants to know what I do I can hand that out. Or i can slip them in the bags. But what else can we put in the bags that will make them stand out? I want the bags to be an item that people may wish to purchase as well because they are just that great.

Now how do clients get involved? Businesses are being asked to spend money left, right and centre for promotions (hence why I cam up with a promotions package for those not wanting a day of promo or to use with a day of promo) ... or they are being asked to donate items to every cause. So this is something to be worked around.

Also I have become caught up in facebook and using that for most of my promotions.... not good; especially when i was shut out of facebook for a few days. So i will be looking hard at where I promote businesses online. I still say that if the site is kept up-to-date and i promote the site itself the client businesses will benefit.

I would like to offer client businesses a page sitting service for when clients go on holiday or are sick; this will be part of the promotions package (which I am restructuring). I also think that many businesses spend ages posting on other sites about their page. Again this is something that i could do for client businesses (not on all pages off course but on several relevant pages).

I'd like to see the TMP fan page and website be a place where people can post their questions about businesses, and services they are looking for etc. I'd like to have a directory of promotional resources for those that want to know their options for promoting their business. I'd also like to link up with promotional resources business so that my clients can be offered discounts for their promotional needs. I don't want to become a mechanising company myself..... but i should at least be able to send people in the right direction if they want to purchase promotional resources.

So to sum up.... I want to concentrate less on tee wearing and videos for now... instead concentrating on slideshows, a show, the documentary and book and look at how much more I can promote my clients.... in a way that will make them stand out. I have an opportunity to expose businesses to new audiences and I want to see how we can approach business promotions in a whole new way.

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