Friday, 17 December 2010

My thoughts in response to a message doing the rounds on facebook

I have seen posted and reposted statuses written by people that are unhappy at saying happy holidays instead of merry xmas. These messages have been posted by friends from australia and overseas.

This is an example of one of the messagesWe can't say Merry Christmas anymore. a Christmas Tree, it is now called a Holiday Tree!!, because it might offend someone, They call it customs and WE HAVE OUR TRADITIONS! Screw them this is our country and our traditions YOU DON'T LIKE IT GO BACK HOME!If you agree with this PLEASE post this to your status. Oh yeah and by the way. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I even "lost" a facebook friend the other day when i responded. I tried not to be rude but apparently they still felt i was rude. I am not addressing this to anyone in particular. THis is a collection of thoughts.

Some of the messages state that "happy holidays" is political correctness gone mad, some blame Barack Obama (and his holiday tree), some blame multi-culturalism.

I say Merry Xmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy holidays and happy yule. I am not being forced to say this nor am I being politically correct. I am Pagan and i do not find it offensive if you wish me merry xmas. I celebrate xmas as my family and friends do. I am amused when people mention it is a christian celebration when most of the christian traditions have been absorbed from pagan traditions (and other nationalities). Some traditions are relatively modern in comparison to others. Xmas traditions evolve.

I wonder why people are offended at acknowledging that other people having different holidays too. Most people i know say seasons greetings (an expression that has been around for many years) or merry xmas.... even those that do not celebrate xmas. I do not feel threatened by someone saying god bless to me even though I do not necessarily believe in the same god as you.

I do not find multi-culturalism a threat... I am not 100% australian and i relish that. Many of our aussie customs are not our own and some of the xmas images that we hold dear do not gel well with the australian society anyway.

and for anyone that takes offences at my use of Xmas..... it has been used for several hundred years and it has religious significance too.

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  1. I dont think its the fact that people say it, I think its that in schools etc we are not ALLOWED to say it, and some people get upset when it is said to them.

    I am not offended if anyone says something other then merry xmas to me,I am offended getting told that my daughter cannot say merry xmas in dance! And she is scolded if she does.

    whats up with that??

    anyways merry xmas to you and your family :)