Friday, 3 December 2010

My dream job

Hello. I know it's been a while but I have been deciding the future of TEEs Me, Please! I had a chance to submit an application to try to win a spot to work with IWYS (I Wear Your Shirt created by Jason Sadler is the business that inspired the creation of TMP). I did discuss the possibility on my facebook fanpage as I didn't want to apply if the WAHMs I promote felt they had a need for my services; only one person replied and told me to go for it, follow my dream etc etc.

I still talked myself out of submitting an application as I kneww my equipment wasn't reliable etc etc then I found out that was a moot point. If I got the job I'd be supplied with the equipment so I could apply. It was last minute and I didn't want to create another hit and miss video so I created a slideshow to submit; after an hours work or so on it I found I couldn't upload the slideshow to youtube as required. I didn't want to lose my shot so i threw something together.... some novel and cute. To see the video and comment/vote on it please see the link below.

The job is to be a shirt wearer for IWYS. Everyday of 2011 i would wear a sponsored tee and promote the business/cause/event/person for the day through pics, videos, blogging and interacting through social network. This is a chance for me to use a lot of skills that I have gained over the years (I am a facepainter, i have a theatrical background, i run storytime at the library, i have a B/A and love to write and I am overall a creative and social person).

I have a chance this weekend to put together a special promotion as the next requirement for applying for this job. I'm very excited at the idea. Votes alone won't get me this job which is great as I am behind on votes. Being creative, sharing my video across the social media networks, etc will give me a decent shot.

I really want this job. I have allowed fear and depression to eat away at my self-confidence but when I am promoting businesses (esp with a shirt) I find i am confident. I didn't want to abandon my wahm friends but i do also need to try to provide for my family, and to take a chance to follow my dreams. I'm serious about getting this job.

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  1. Go for it hun.
    No point wishing for it if you arent getting in it.
    Good luck!! *thumbs up*