Monday, 6 September 2010

Spring is here :)

Spring is here :)

That makes me smile to write that :) Today is a beautiful day as there is no rain and the air is brisk; there is magick in the air today :) I love spring. I don't know if it's because I was born in spring but I love spring... everything seems fresh and new, especially after the hard winter we had this year. I know the winter that we had is not as harsh as the winter that other people have but it was hard for us.

My front door is wide open and I can smell the beautiful spring air :).

Today it's monday and monday is about motivating and inspiring myself and my followers :) I'll take the camera out today and I'll post some spring pics later :)

If you have pics that you would like to share with me please email them to me so i can pop them onto the blog or post a link in the comments. The email address is

I am also in the mood to spread a bit of magick, so I am running a special comp. You can post your entries here or email them to me. I am offering a 3 month TMP promotions package. I would like you to nominate someone you feel that could use a promotions package and why. Yes you can nominate yourself or someone else. Entries close mindnight Friday 11 spetember :)

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