Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tagging Thursday

Good morning all.

My boyfriend TJ has gone to visit his sister to help her while her 14 day old baby is still in special care. He was born 8 weeks premature. I am trying to clear out stock that I have accumulated from when I used to have a market stall and from ebay. It is slow going as everything is disorganised. I need to clear the stock as I have some bills to clear and I am going away for a holiday next month. Once the old stock is cleared I can get into my workroom and begin to make some new items again.

Today was Tagging Thursday. I promised that any pages that tagged myTEEs Me, Please! Facebook fan would would receive a mention in this blog. Only one business did this and so they will receive a mention here. Thank you to Preloved Kidswear.

Preloved Kidswear.

In their own words: 

Preloved Kidswear came about  after I realised that some mums didn't have the opportunity to experience dressing their children in the timeless classics that are designer brands.
Having always dressed my youngest son in designer brands I remembered how hard it was for some of my friends to do the same thing, and how I used to pass his clothes down to my best friend for her son to enjoy. After divorcing I too discovered how hard it was to buy new designer childrens clothes so resorted to a local recycled childrens clothing boutique - I was in heaven again, but at less than half the price, woohoo! These memories came flooding back recently and the idea for my very own Preloved Kidswear eboutique was born.
Our aim is to bring you the best brands possible at a truly affordable price. Most items will be preloved and in excellent condition, testament to the quality of designer brands and why they are so expensive when brand new. We will also have some popular brands to ensure that we can offer a great mix to suit every budget, some will even be brand new with tags.
Additionally, buying recycled pre-loved kids clothes is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and that's something that we care about for the sake of our children and their futures.
I hope you enjoy shopping with Preloved Kidswear, remember to join our Facebook Page so that you stay up to date on the latest additions to the site.
Elizabeth & the PK Team

all the best

Monday, 6 September 2010

Spring is here :)

Spring is here :)

That makes me smile to write that :) Today is a beautiful day as there is no rain and the air is brisk; there is magick in the air today :) I love spring. I don't know if it's because I was born in spring but I love spring... everything seems fresh and new, especially after the hard winter we had this year. I know the winter that we had is not as harsh as the winter that other people have but it was hard for us.

My front door is wide open and I can smell the beautiful spring air :).

Today it's monday and monday is about motivating and inspiring myself and my followers :) I'll take the camera out today and I'll post some spring pics later :)

If you have pics that you would like to share with me please email them to me so i can pop them onto the blog or post a link in the comments. The email address is

I am also in the mood to spread a bit of magick, so I am running a special comp. You can post your entries here or email them to me. I am offering a 3 month TMP promotions package. I would like you to nominate someone you feel that could use a promotions package and why. Yes you can nominate yourself or someone else. Entries close mindnight Friday 11 spetember :)