Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The WAHM Connection & TEEs Me, Please! comps

I'd like to reach 1000 fans with the TEEs Me, Please! fan page and at least 50 followers on youtube and the blog. When we do this I would love to have a massive celebration. It is not in my budget to be able to provide all the prizes/gifts myself so I am calling on my WAHM friends to trade with me; promotion & advertising in exchange for prizes (big or small). I would also like to see The WAHM Connection (one of my other projects) reach 500 fans and if that happens at the same time the celebration will include TWC fans. At 500 fans I will begin to launch some of the ideas that I have for TWC. Prize donors will receive advertising on the TWC blog and site too.

As I have stated on more than one occassion; I am happy for my business Butterfly Magick to stay small as Butterfly Magick is for my facepainting and craft work. My facepainting is mostly for pleasure and to have something to fall back on and my craft work will be produced in limited and one-off amounts. But for TMP & TWC to be of benefit to members I need to increase the fans.

Once I reach those numbers I will run a series of competitions (through the site & blog). I will be running a scavenger hunt and the items will be information from the donors websites, blogs or pages. But I would also like to put people in the draw for a prize that have referred their friends etc. It will not be the person with the highest number of people to join that wins (although there may be a small prize for that too); instead everyone that refers TMP and/or TWC connection will go in the draw (they just need to tell me how they spread the word about those pages and then they will go in the draw). Once we reach the magick numbersd a draw will be held and the other compeitions will commence.

If you are interested in donating prizes please let me know here, or via email ( or pm me on Facebook).

thank you.


  1. Absolutely interested in donating a prize!

  2. Definately interested in helping out. :)