Saturday, 29 May 2010

Open to barter & New business

I am open to barter; I like to trade. It's great when you have a need for something but can't pay for it with cash. I am more than happy to discuss trade's for my services. In truth I prefer barter as I am still being paid :D

Items I will accept for trade:
At the moment I am looking for items for my sons' birthdays (one turns 13 in July and one turns 1 in June). I am also looking for party invitations (preferably digital), custom blog templates (for blogger & or wordpress), logos, banners,  gifts for my friends and family, advertising. I am also open to suggestions.

If you cannot afford to hire me for a day (or to buy a promotions package) please feel free to approach me about a barter.

3 month promotions package:
For 3 months of promotion it is $50. This is full-time promotion (banners on website, regular tweets, referrals, shoutouts on facebook, blogs, added to a business directory and more). If you have hired me for a day's promo before you will receive a discount on this promotions package (and I will also wear your shirt and make a couple of promo videos if I am not booked up). If you would like the occassional day with me wearing your TEE (or other item)and you have a TEE then there is no extra cost (except what it will cost you to send it to me). If you do not have a TEE and want me to make a TEE up there will be a small additional cost to cover this.

Please Note: If I am booked to promote someone for a full day I will still promote those people that have bought package (in a smaller way). My main focus will be on the Business of the day.

Reminder: What is TEEs Me, Please?
TEEs Me, Please! is a fun way to promote your business, cause or event. If you are looking for something outside of the box then this is it. I am a human billboard. I will promote your business, cause or event for a whole day online & offline.

A TEE promotion is NOT only for business. I will wear a TEE to announce an engagement, promote a cause, celebrate a birth, birthday or anniversary and so on. If you do not have a TEE or want me to make a TEE I can wear my own business TEE or a TEE that compliments your business or occassion.

If you have booked me before for a full day  and would like to book me again (as you are having a sale, changing prices, it's a special occassion) then you will receive additional days at a lower cost.

Sometime ago a respected business consultant reccommended i put my price up to over $100 per day. Most of the people i know cannot afford this and I dont want to be promoting many large businesses. $10 for a day of promotion still saw me getting paid but i felt as if I was undervauing myself. $30 is my preferred price but if you factor in the cost to make or post a TEE that sends the cost up to approx $50. So as of June 1, 2010 the set price for a day of promotion is $20 (for the first time; $10 for any subsequent days), plus you will receive a discount on the promotions package. If you would like me to wear a TEE that you already have you then you will need to send that at your own cost. If you would like me to make a TEE for you that will be an additional cost.

Some special days will still be auctioned eg public holidays and family events.

Freebies & prizes:
I have caused myself a lot of undue stress and financial difficulty by lowering my prices and giving away a lot of freebies. I will be only doing this on rare occassions now (eg to celebrate a milestone).

What I will do is free shoutouts, i will exchange banners, exchange links etc. 

I love to review products. Reviews are free (unless they are a part of someone's day). I am happy to return the item if you prefer. If you want to send two and I can give one away that would be wonderful.

I will add to this as I think of more information to add.

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