Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Blogging theme Days

I've decided to introduce theme days to my blog. I will not be limiting my posts to these themes but they are there to encourage participation and build community. I will be posting other items too. Follower contribution is encouraged :) The theme days are:
  • Motivational Monday - this is where i will post inspiring quotes, pics etc and invite you to do the same.
  • Tell Me Tuesday - I invite you to tell me about your business, your life story, your comps etc.
  • Wacky Wednesday - I will post funny stories, jokes, etc and invite you to to the same.
  • Thankful Thursday - I will list 5 things that I am thankful for and invite you to do the same (also take it to your blog and do the same there).
  • Friday 5's - 5 things to share, or to be grateful for, of 5 blogs you like; there will be a different 5 each week, and followers then copy it on their blog and son on. It is great to help build up a blogging community.
  • Spicey Saturday - I don't know how successful this will be but let's add a bit of spice to life. This is adult content.
  • Spiritual Sunday - I am not Chrisitian, I am pagan and I often negeclet my spiritual side. I need to reconnect and I ask that you be tolerant as we do all do not have the same beliefs.

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