Monday, 5 April 2010

Some ideas & musings on the future of TEEs Me, Please

I enjoy promoting other businesses. It is not necessarily what I'd like to do for the rest of my life but at the moment it satisfies me on many levels. Now I didn't say all levels and that's because I'm still not getting a lot of work (even though people love the idea) and because I am not getting paid (and I don't necessarily mean cash) often. I've been giving away too many days of  free promotion (and free products from Butterfly Magick). I've always loved to help people and it is often my downfall. I'm often not sensible, especially if that person has helped me or seems to be in genuine need or I like them a lot. I continually find myself in strife because I like to help people. Obviously there is some deep-seeded problem there that I need to overcomb.

I keep changing my prices to make a day of promotion more affordable to the wahm businesses that support me. I was told that i should be charging around $100-115 per day but that is out of the reach out most of my friends. When it was $10 (+ extra for a shirt) people were happy to pay that. When the payment system is pay what you can afford people do not buy a day. At $30 for the day people don't buy a day. I'm not desperate but I do want this business to work. I've been told it takes time but I am seeing other people sellings their products so I am trying to identify the problem. Am I not offereing enough? Everybody that gets featured by me receives permanent advertising on my site. Of course it would help if I kept my site updated.

People have different ideas of what they want from my business. I didn't come up with this business myself; I saw somebody else with the idea and I've set out to make it my own. I prefer to have a tee, hat, or even jewlelery etc to promote the company for the day. I am out and about and people see the tee etc and that's a great way to promote a business. When I don't have the tee etc on it loses some of it's impact (unless I have an eye-catching tee on that will cause people to stop and talk about my business and I can mention the business of the day). I can make the tees myself in a limited fashion but that is time cosnuming and I am rarely happy with the finished product and most of the transfers that are available do not last for long. I don't want to encourage businesses to be producing tees that they dont need or want to produce and I don't want to be encouraging people to use some of the tee businesses out there as a lot of them are not ecologically friendly or ethical (and that gets in the way of business). That is why I don't produce my own TEEs Me, Please! merchandise, as the companies that are affordable appear to use cheap sweat shops products and I'm trying not to cause more stuff to end up in the landfill. This is interfering with my business.

Is a day of promotion as effective if someone can't just look at me as I go around and see me as a walking billboard? I don't wont to be wearing a sandwhich board and I wear TEEs anyway.

I need to figure this out soon as I may have to give up TMP and I dont want to do that.

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