Monday, 12 April 2010

Motivational Monday (or Inspiring Monday)

I was in desperate need of inspiration and motivation yesterday. Thank you to a couple of friends I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. It was bleak for a while though. I am used to bleak as I live with depression and panic attacks. It is not something I hide but it's not something I flaunt either. I tend to be open about the depression as I want people to be aware of the effect it has on my life. I am not lazy or crazy (well I am mad but that's different) but at times it can appear that way to outsiders (and even to those in my family). It keeps me isolated a lot as I don't want to burden people. I'm not lacking in motivation or ambition but the depression can be overwhelming and then I appear to be in need of motivation.

I actually like Inspiring Monday better than Motivational Monday so post either Motivating or Inspiring items. What inspires you? What have your read that is Inspirational? Are Motivation and Inspiration the same.

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