Thursday, 4 February 2010

To my fans (taken from my facebook fan page)

I know that this may lose some fans but I'm not just looking to increase my numbers; yes i would like a large fan base for TEEs Me, Please to show to clients but I would prefer the fans to be fans that are interested in the companies that I am promoting or interested in buying days for their business.a few seconds ago ·

Yes I need the numbers but I feel that many people may have joined just to bulk up those numbers. I'd like to now that people are reading the messages and are interested. A lot of these messages relate to my own business or other people's businesses/events etc. I don't want to be seen to be spamming or bribing and so forth. I invite people to beinvolved because this business needs you to work.

Thank you and no offence. This message hasn't been prompted by anything specific; I've just realised that not only am I making too many compromises in my homelife but I've already started making too many compromises with TMP :( Have a nice day.

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