Saturday, 6 February 2010

making changes part 1 (identifying problem areas)

I've been giving a lot of thought to TEEs Me, Please! and why I'm attracting interest but not selling days.

The first problem is obviously the website.... and no calender.... .

Then there is only 4 blog followers.... nothing against you 4 but for TEEs Me, Please! to become my main income I need to have a large audience to show clients ("I have a 200 followers that want to see your business" makes more of an impact then I have 4 folowers). On Youtube I have 6 followers. I have 283 fans on facebook and that is a great start and twitter has around 50, but I still must get the numbers up.

I also need to take more pics throughout the day. This wasn't a problem when my daughter was my photographer as it's one of her passions but she's at school now and I dislike asking my boyfriend to take pics throughtout the day. I don't have my camera anymore either and I loved my camera.

The next problem is videos are now limited to the lattop and that is limiting. My phone was both a camera and a video....

Another problem is the laptop... I wanted this business to be portable to i could go out and about with my family and the company that is selling us the laptop aren't quite up to the job.

The companies that are interested don't always have a tee, hat etc. I don't want to be making shirts and I'm trying to source a company that will make shirts that are ecological and ethical and affordable for my clients.

The bar was set very high by the original tee wearer and I'm coming off as a tacky version.

I have a self esteem issue and that hinders not only the presentations but in how i promote myself.

I also have depression and every other day I feel useless and stupid.

so these are the main problem areas with TEEs Me, Please!

I have identified the problems and now i need to find the solutions. That will be another post for later today.

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