Tuesday, 26 January 2010

TEEs Me, Please!

It's Australia Day today...

And today I am featuring Pretty Things Distract Me
As the video camera is charging I have not made a video so here is one I prepared last week ;) :
Today I am wearing a lovely beaded headband from PTDM, and my daughter is wearing a pretty pink, ribboned hair clip. I am enjoying wearing this headband. I have worn several styles of headbands throughout the years and most of them have given me a headache after a couple of hours but I do not have a headache at the moment. Another issue with other headbands on the market is that they rub behind the ears; this style doesn't. At times today I have forgotten that I was wearing the headband. It is feminine, elegant and very pretty :).
It was fiddly to put on initially as I haven't worn a headband like this before; but after a couple of tries I am able to put it on without any problems. It is versatile as I am able to wear it a couple of different ways; which I'll demonstrate with photos later. At $8.99 (aud) it is very reasonably priced too, especially as it is handcrafted and not made on an assembly line. I will be buying some of these from PTDM.
stay tuned for more posts later.
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Bron :)

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