Friday, 17 December 2010

My thoughts in response to a message doing the rounds on facebook

I have seen posted and reposted statuses written by people that are unhappy at saying happy holidays instead of merry xmas. These messages have been posted by friends from australia and overseas.

This is an example of one of the messagesWe can't say Merry Christmas anymore. a Christmas Tree, it is now called a Holiday Tree!!, because it might offend someone, They call it customs and WE HAVE OUR TRADITIONS! Screw them this is our country and our traditions YOU DON'T LIKE IT GO BACK HOME!If you agree with this PLEASE post this to your status. Oh yeah and by the way. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I even "lost" a facebook friend the other day when i responded. I tried not to be rude but apparently they still felt i was rude. I am not addressing this to anyone in particular. THis is a collection of thoughts.

Some of the messages state that "happy holidays" is political correctness gone mad, some blame Barack Obama (and his holiday tree), some blame multi-culturalism.

I say Merry Xmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy holidays and happy yule. I am not being forced to say this nor am I being politically correct. I am Pagan and i do not find it offensive if you wish me merry xmas. I celebrate xmas as my family and friends do. I am amused when people mention it is a christian celebration when most of the christian traditions have been absorbed from pagan traditions (and other nationalities). Some traditions are relatively modern in comparison to others. Xmas traditions evolve.

I wonder why people are offended at acknowledging that other people having different holidays too. Most people i know say seasons greetings (an expression that has been around for many years) or merry xmas.... even those that do not celebrate xmas. I do not feel threatened by someone saying god bless to me even though I do not necessarily believe in the same god as you.

I do not find multi-culturalism a threat... I am not 100% australian and i relish that. Many of our aussie customs are not our own and some of the xmas images that we hold dear do not gel well with the australian society anyway.

and for anyone that takes offences at my use of Xmas..... it has been used for several hundred years and it has religious significance too.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The time is almost near - successful IWYS applicant to be announced soon.

The successful IWYS applicant will be announced December 15, 3.30 pm EDT. I took a look through most of the videos today and left some love. I'll try to finish that task tomorrow as some videos have no comments at all. I wish I had thought of it sooner (or at least acted sooner) but i only browsed through a few of the videos as I was worried that my video fell short. Depending on the time of dat i rate my chances from slim to pretty good.

I am aware of my shortcomings with my video application and my videos of the past year. I am aware that I have improved and I know that I will continue to improve. But will that potential shine through when Jason and his panel discuss the final applicant.

Had I realised that the end date would be extended I would have held off and submitted a better application video.... or would I? Fear kept me from applying sooner so maybe I would have still held off until the last minute. I also held off as I thought the wahms i promote would need my services more.

If I am the successful applicant i will be heading off to a few conventions to wear tees and film; a bodypainting and facepainting convention, and several pop culture conventions. It would be my aim to have my pic taken with as many celebs and attendees as possible.

I would love to do a bridge climb while wearing the tees, and maybe go to the zoo. I have lots of ideas including filming around my little village.

I would like to say thank you to those lovely friends and family that did vote for me (and to those people that i don't know that still voted for me). I appreciate the support. It will be extremely disappointing if I am not successful. I'm glad I applied :)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I wear Your shirt - last mission

The last mission before the successful applicant is chosen was to promote coke zero. This is a chance for me (and others) to show what we can do. It is important for me as I joined at the very last minute and my video was roughly thrown together. I carefully planned the Coke Zero video but things still went wrong and I almost took that as a sign to quit.

However, things go wrong from time to time for Jason and Evan (eg wrong size tees, tees not showing up) so I kept perservering. I checked out the other videos and almost talked myself out of it but I decided to have fun with my video and I hammed it up.

Friday, 3 December 2010

My dream job

Hello. I know it's been a while but I have been deciding the future of TEEs Me, Please! I had a chance to submit an application to try to win a spot to work with IWYS (I Wear Your Shirt created by Jason Sadler is the business that inspired the creation of TMP). I did discuss the possibility on my facebook fanpage as I didn't want to apply if the WAHMs I promote felt they had a need for my services; only one person replied and told me to go for it, follow my dream etc etc.

I still talked myself out of submitting an application as I kneww my equipment wasn't reliable etc etc then I found out that was a moot point. If I got the job I'd be supplied with the equipment so I could apply. It was last minute and I didn't want to create another hit and miss video so I created a slideshow to submit; after an hours work or so on it I found I couldn't upload the slideshow to youtube as required. I didn't want to lose my shot so i threw something together.... some novel and cute. To see the video and comment/vote on it please see the link below.

The job is to be a shirt wearer for IWYS. Everyday of 2011 i would wear a sponsored tee and promote the business/cause/event/person for the day through pics, videos, blogging and interacting through social network. This is a chance for me to use a lot of skills that I have gained over the years (I am a facepainter, i have a theatrical background, i run storytime at the library, i have a B/A and love to write and I am overall a creative and social person).

I have a chance this weekend to put together a special promotion as the next requirement for applying for this job. I'm very excited at the idea. Votes alone won't get me this job which is great as I am behind on votes. Being creative, sharing my video across the social media networks, etc will give me a decent shot.

I really want this job. I have allowed fear and depression to eat away at my self-confidence but when I am promoting businesses (esp with a shirt) I find i am confident. I didn't want to abandon my wahm friends but i do also need to try to provide for my family, and to take a chance to follow my dreams. I'm serious about getting this job.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Updating the website

I am completely overhauling the websi te ( It has a new theme, banners and buttona have been added, some posts have been moved to the blog, and more. I am overhauling the site as it has been neglected for far too long. I have many changes coming for the new year and I need the site to be fresh.

I have a chance to audtion to wear tees full time with the man that inspired TEEs Me, Please! This is a fantastic oppportunity and would mean a regular paycheck but on the other hand it would mean that I would no longer be available for small business owners, charities etc so I haven't made up my mind yet.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Scrapbooking Haven

Today’s feature business is:
Scrapbooking Haven (
Scrapbooking Haven is owned by Amy Prior (former Creative Memories Consultant). I have had the pleasure of working with Amy before, and I have also ordered from Amy on many occassions. She is a lovely person, and she is very passionate about Scrapbooking and card making. Amy always sells quality scrapbooking and cardmaking products, she is fair with postage and posts the products in a timely manner. Amy has even designed and made a one-of-a-kind book for my son’s 13th birthday, this year.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tagging Thursday

Good morning all.

My boyfriend TJ has gone to visit his sister to help her while her 14 day old baby is still in special care. He was born 8 weeks premature. I am trying to clear out stock that I have accumulated from when I used to have a market stall and from ebay. It is slow going as everything is disorganised. I need to clear the stock as I have some bills to clear and I am going away for a holiday next month. Once the old stock is cleared I can get into my workroom and begin to make some new items again.

Today was Tagging Thursday. I promised that any pages that tagged myTEEs Me, Please! Facebook fan would would receive a mention in this blog. Only one business did this and so they will receive a mention here. Thank you to Preloved Kidswear.

Preloved Kidswear.

In their own words: 

Preloved Kidswear came about  after I realised that some mums didn't have the opportunity to experience dressing their children in the timeless classics that are designer brands.
Having always dressed my youngest son in designer brands I remembered how hard it was for some of my friends to do the same thing, and how I used to pass his clothes down to my best friend for her son to enjoy. After divorcing I too discovered how hard it was to buy new designer childrens clothes so resorted to a local recycled childrens clothing boutique - I was in heaven again, but at less than half the price, woohoo! These memories came flooding back recently and the idea for my very own Preloved Kidswear eboutique was born.
Our aim is to bring you the best brands possible at a truly affordable price. Most items will be preloved and in excellent condition, testament to the quality of designer brands and why they are so expensive when brand new. We will also have some popular brands to ensure that we can offer a great mix to suit every budget, some will even be brand new with tags.
Additionally, buying recycled pre-loved kids clothes is helping to reduce our carbon footprint and that's something that we care about for the sake of our children and their futures.
I hope you enjoy shopping with Preloved Kidswear, remember to join our Facebook Page so that you stay up to date on the latest additions to the site.
Elizabeth & the PK Team

all the best

Monday, 6 September 2010

Spring is here :)

Spring is here :)

That makes me smile to write that :) Today is a beautiful day as there is no rain and the air is brisk; there is magick in the air today :) I love spring. I don't know if it's because I was born in spring but I love spring... everything seems fresh and new, especially after the hard winter we had this year. I know the winter that we had is not as harsh as the winter that other people have but it was hard for us.

My front door is wide open and I can smell the beautiful spring air :).

Today it's monday and monday is about motivating and inspiring myself and my followers :) I'll take the camera out today and I'll post some spring pics later :)

If you have pics that you would like to share with me please email them to me so i can pop them onto the blog or post a link in the comments. The email address is

I am also in the mood to spread a bit of magick, so I am running a special comp. You can post your entries here or email them to me. I am offering a 3 month TMP promotions package. I would like you to nominate someone you feel that could use a promotions package and why. Yes you can nominate yourself or someone else. Entries close mindnight Friday 11 spetember :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thursdays are now Tag Me Thursday.

I'll be posting gratitude posts anytime rather than limiting it to one day. If you tag me on facebook or on the blog I will return the favour. I will be travelling today but I will do it at the soonest time possible.
I am travelling to wollongong to spend some time with one of my sister-in-laws :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

wacky wednesday

We are going to stock up on new supplies for TJ's latest ride. Tasha needs $9000 so she can go to China for stem cell treatment to help give her sight. Tomorrow I'll be heading down the coast to spend some time with my sister-in-law and picking up 2 of my children from a visit with their father. Then it will be back to catching up on reviews, the website, etc etc :)

I invite you to share a joke, or post a funny story, etc etc :)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

TELL ME Tuesday

Good morning :) It's still school holidays; I have two children only at the moment as the older two are at their dad's house for the holidays. My eldest child turned 13 yesterday and it was the first birthday that he didn't spend with me :(

T.J is leaving on another fundraising bike trek this Friday to try to raise more funds for Tasha (  He will be riding from Sydney to Melbourne.

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So it's Tell Me Tuesday here today :) If you have something to share then please tell me :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday 5s -

I am getting ready to go away for the weekend; I'll be going to my high school reunion. I went to year 12 but this is 21 years since year 10. 21 years :) Wow a lot of time has gone by. I didn't go to the 10 year reunion as i still had no interest in talking to people i went to school with. But this changed about 18 months or so ago. I decided to go looking for cousins and old friends on Facebook and before I knew it i was chatting to people i hadn't got on well with in highschool. I'm really looking forward to catching up.

So today's Friday 5's are five fav 80's songs or movies :)

In no order 5 80's movies:

1) dirty dancing
2) the princess bride
3) the breakdast club
4) dark crystal
5) the labyrinth

I would like to expand on the but I need to finisn herding the troops out the door.

If you want to feel free to share your fave 80's memories :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thankful Thursday

I know that it has become cliched to look at what we have and express gratitude for it but I do believe that we often overlook what we have. I know that I can get caught up in my "troubles" and lose focus of what I have and so I like to make an effort and thank the universe for what I have. I introduced grace in  our family at dinner time not because I am particularly religious, because I'm not, but because I especially wanted my children to appreciate the food that was put in front of them.

I try to remember to thank people everyday when they have helped me and I have passed this on to my children. And I try to thank my family everyday.

Somedays when i am feeling extremely harassed and cranky I take the time to think of 5 things I am grateful for. I find that often restores my outlook.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The WAHM Connection & TEEs Me, Please! comps

I'd like to reach 1000 fans with the TEEs Me, Please! fan page and at least 50 followers on youtube and the blog. When we do this I would love to have a massive celebration. It is not in my budget to be able to provide all the prizes/gifts myself so I am calling on my WAHM friends to trade with me; promotion & advertising in exchange for prizes (big or small). I would also like to see The WAHM Connection (one of my other projects) reach 500 fans and if that happens at the same time the celebration will include TWC fans. At 500 fans I will begin to launch some of the ideas that I have for TWC. Prize donors will receive advertising on the TWC blog and site too.

As I have stated on more than one occassion; I am happy for my business Butterfly Magick to stay small as Butterfly Magick is for my facepainting and craft work. My facepainting is mostly for pleasure and to have something to fall back on and my craft work will be produced in limited and one-off amounts. But for TMP & TWC to be of benefit to members I need to increase the fans.

Once I reach those numbers I will run a series of competitions (through the site & blog). I will be running a scavenger hunt and the items will be information from the donors websites, blogs or pages. But I would also like to put people in the draw for a prize that have referred their friends etc. It will not be the person with the highest number of people to join that wins (although there may be a small prize for that too); instead everyone that refers TMP and/or TWC connection will go in the draw (they just need to tell me how they spread the word about those pages and then they will go in the draw). Once we reach the magick numbersd a draw will be held and the other compeitions will commence.

If you are interested in donating prizes please let me know here, or via email ( or pm me on Facebook).

thank you.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sharing Sunday

I originally was going to make Sundays about spirituality but i feel that is too heavy for this blog so I'm changing it to sharing Sunday. So please feel free to share a recipe, a fav book, tips & tricks, or tell me what you are doing on your Sunday :)

Today we will be hopefully packing and culling and cleaning.... and hopefully enjoying sometime in the sun again today with the kids and the dog. Later tonight it is family time (warching Merlin & Dr Who  and eating pancakes and tonight we will hopefully be sharing it with 2 of the kids' friends as they may be coming for a sleep over).

I can't think of anything to share right now so I'll be back later :) have a wonderful Sunday :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Swapping Saturday

Originally i was hoing to make saturday's on the blog Sexy Saturday ... but i have changed my mind and now it's swapping Saturday. Comment here is you want to swap links, shoutouts, ads etc :) I'll be back on later :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday 5's

Good morning :)

Today is Friday 5's and the topic for today is wahm businesses :) I have been lucky to meet a lot of lovely wahms over the past several years (mostly online). There are a lot of mums and dads (and grandparents too) working from home.

I like to buy from WAHMs as I like to show my support to people that are running their own business. I do not restrict myself to Australian businesses although I know it is popular to support your own country.

Over the past several months I have been trying to buy from businesses that are ethical and ecologiocally friendly; many WAHM businesses are both. Many of the wahms make their own products are as they are not massed produced they are not contributing to global excess. Some people may find that pretentious but I had a slight breakdown last year and when I came out of it I decided that even though I was already being environmentally and socially conscientious i needed to try harder. And this has affected who i buy from and how i buy.

So here are links to 5 of my fav wahm blogs :) please feel free to share your fav 5 wahm sites or blogs. If you cannot limit it to 5 then limit it to 5 per comment :D

I was going to wrote a personal comment about each blog but I am short on time.... so I may come back later and add a personal comment. For now it is a description of each blog :)

Overall Being-  unique & gorgeous gifts ranging from personalised products, aromatherapy, jewellery, photos & Massage.....Making a lasting impression for the mind, body and soul.

MWWAH  -  A one stop mwwah siteA site that lists fabulous at home businesses in the one spot. A site for  mwwah business owners to unite together & show
off the variety of home businesses & a place for members to come to find all their wonderful treasures. 
 Inspiring Mums - The Inspiring Mums Blog is written to help inspire and motivate mums to support your growth in life, health, family, career and business for self care and awareness. An honest approach to life's challenges with a personal touch.

Pretty Things Distract Me - Quality accessories and clothing for babies and children at affordable prices; non slip hair clips, head bands - woven, stretch laces, stretch and plastic headbands, hair clip holders, hair tie streamers and much much more will be coming soon!

Bodelicious Ramblings - Bodelicious is proud to offer an affordable, environmentally friendly, natural range of multi-purpose baby products for busy mums today who are always on the go.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Open to barter & New business

I am open to barter; I like to trade. It's great when you have a need for something but can't pay for it with cash. I am more than happy to discuss trade's for my services. In truth I prefer barter as I am still being paid :D

Items I will accept for trade:
At the moment I am looking for items for my sons' birthdays (one turns 13 in July and one turns 1 in June). I am also looking for party invitations (preferably digital), custom blog templates (for blogger & or wordpress), logos, banners,  gifts for my friends and family, advertising. I am also open to suggestions.

If you cannot afford to hire me for a day (or to buy a promotions package) please feel free to approach me about a barter.

3 month promotions package:
For 3 months of promotion it is $50. This is full-time promotion (banners on website, regular tweets, referrals, shoutouts on facebook, blogs, added to a business directory and more). If you have hired me for a day's promo before you will receive a discount on this promotions package (and I will also wear your shirt and make a couple of promo videos if I am not booked up). If you would like the occassional day with me wearing your TEE (or other item)and you have a TEE then there is no extra cost (except what it will cost you to send it to me). If you do not have a TEE and want me to make a TEE up there will be a small additional cost to cover this.

Please Note: If I am booked to promote someone for a full day I will still promote those people that have bought package (in a smaller way). My main focus will be on the Business of the day.

Reminder: What is TEEs Me, Please?
TEEs Me, Please! is a fun way to promote your business, cause or event. If you are looking for something outside of the box then this is it. I am a human billboard. I will promote your business, cause or event for a whole day online & offline.

A TEE promotion is NOT only for business. I will wear a TEE to announce an engagement, promote a cause, celebrate a birth, birthday or anniversary and so on. If you do not have a TEE or want me to make a TEE I can wear my own business TEE or a TEE that compliments your business or occassion.

If you have booked me before for a full day  and would like to book me again (as you are having a sale, changing prices, it's a special occassion) then you will receive additional days at a lower cost.

Sometime ago a respected business consultant reccommended i put my price up to over $100 per day. Most of the people i know cannot afford this and I dont want to be promoting many large businesses. $10 for a day of promotion still saw me getting paid but i felt as if I was undervauing myself. $30 is my preferred price but if you factor in the cost to make or post a TEE that sends the cost up to approx $50. So as of June 1, 2010 the set price for a day of promotion is $20 (for the first time; $10 for any subsequent days), plus you will receive a discount on the promotions package. If you would like me to wear a TEE that you already have you then you will need to send that at your own cost. If you would like me to make a TEE for you that will be an additional cost.

Some special days will still be auctioned eg public holidays and family events.

Freebies & prizes:
I have caused myself a lot of undue stress and financial difficulty by lowering my prices and giving away a lot of freebies. I will be only doing this on rare occassions now (eg to celebrate a milestone).

What I will do is free shoutouts, i will exchange banners, exchange links etc. 

I love to review products. Reviews are free (unless they are a part of someone's day). I am happy to return the item if you prefer. If you want to send two and I can give one away that would be wonderful.

I will add to this as I think of more information to add.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lacking Motivation

Today I seriously lacked motivation. It was cold, I'm a little sick and I had too much to do and no idea where to start. Oh and being the colder part of the year my depression is raising it's ugly head. And i was missing RJ just a little bit.

I did still achieve a few things today but for some of the day I stopped fighting the lack of motivation and just porttered around.

So what do you do when you are feeling unmotivated? Do you go with the flow or do you try to motivate yourself?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Motivational Monday (or Inspiring Monday)

It's been a while since i posted last as things have been busy. I went away on holidays, we are trying to get TJ's ride for Tasha organised and I have a lot of the same old daily "crap" to deal with.

So when life gets on top of you what motivates and inspires you to keep going :)

I love to go out in the sun and recharge the batteries :D and listen to music, or do something fun with the kids :D

Monday, 12 April 2010

Motivational Monday (or Inspiring Monday)

I was in desperate need of inspiration and motivation yesterday. Thank you to a couple of friends I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. It was bleak for a while though. I am used to bleak as I live with depression and panic attacks. It is not something I hide but it's not something I flaunt either. I tend to be open about the depression as I want people to be aware of the effect it has on my life. I am not lazy or crazy (well I am mad but that's different) but at times it can appear that way to outsiders (and even to those in my family). It keeps me isolated a lot as I don't want to burden people. I'm not lacking in motivation or ambition but the depression can be overwhelming and then I appear to be in need of motivation.

I actually like Inspiring Monday better than Motivational Monday so post either Motivating or Inspiring items. What inspires you? What have your read that is Inspirational? Are Motivation and Inspiration the same.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tell Me Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and I am inviting you to Tell Me about your business, tell me a joke, your story etc. It doesn't have to be business related but if it is you can tell me today :).

Blogging theme Days

I've decided to introduce theme days to my blog. I will not be limiting my posts to these themes but they are there to encourage participation and build community. I will be posting other items too. Follower contribution is encouraged :) The theme days are:
  • Motivational Monday - this is where i will post inspiring quotes, pics etc and invite you to do the same.
  • Tell Me Tuesday - I invite you to tell me about your business, your life story, your comps etc.
  • Wacky Wednesday - I will post funny stories, jokes, etc and invite you to to the same.
  • Thankful Thursday - I will list 5 things that I am thankful for and invite you to do the same (also take it to your blog and do the same there).
  • Friday 5's - 5 things to share, or to be grateful for, of 5 blogs you like; there will be a different 5 each week, and followers then copy it on their blog and son on. It is great to help build up a blogging community.
  • Spicey Saturday - I don't know how successful this will be but let's add a bit of spice to life. This is adult content.
  • Spiritual Sunday - I am not Chrisitian, I am pagan and I often negeclet my spiritual side. I need to reconnect and I ask that you be tolerant as we do all do not have the same beliefs.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Some ideas & musings on the future of TEEs Me, Please

I enjoy promoting other businesses. It is not necessarily what I'd like to do for the rest of my life but at the moment it satisfies me on many levels. Now I didn't say all levels and that's because I'm still not getting a lot of work (even though people love the idea) and because I am not getting paid (and I don't necessarily mean cash) often. I've been giving away too many days of  free promotion (and free products from Butterfly Magick). I've always loved to help people and it is often my downfall. I'm often not sensible, especially if that person has helped me or seems to be in genuine need or I like them a lot. I continually find myself in strife because I like to help people. Obviously there is some deep-seeded problem there that I need to overcomb.

I keep changing my prices to make a day of promotion more affordable to the wahm businesses that support me. I was told that i should be charging around $100-115 per day but that is out of the reach out most of my friends. When it was $10 (+ extra for a shirt) people were happy to pay that. When the payment system is pay what you can afford people do not buy a day. At $30 for the day people don't buy a day. I'm not desperate but I do want this business to work. I've been told it takes time but I am seeing other people sellings their products so I am trying to identify the problem. Am I not offereing enough? Everybody that gets featured by me receives permanent advertising on my site. Of course it would help if I kept my site updated.

People have different ideas of what they want from my business. I didn't come up with this business myself; I saw somebody else with the idea and I've set out to make it my own. I prefer to have a tee, hat, or even jewlelery etc to promote the company for the day. I am out and about and people see the tee etc and that's a great way to promote a business. When I don't have the tee etc on it loses some of it's impact (unless I have an eye-catching tee on that will cause people to stop and talk about my business and I can mention the business of the day). I can make the tees myself in a limited fashion but that is time cosnuming and I am rarely happy with the finished product and most of the transfers that are available do not last for long. I don't want to encourage businesses to be producing tees that they dont need or want to produce and I don't want to be encouraging people to use some of the tee businesses out there as a lot of them are not ecologically friendly or ethical (and that gets in the way of business). That is why I don't produce my own TEEs Me, Please! merchandise, as the companies that are affordable appear to use cheap sweat shops products and I'm trying not to cause more stuff to end up in the landfill. This is interfering with my business.

Is a day of promotion as effective if someone can't just look at me as I go around and see me as a walking billboard? I don't wont to be wearing a sandwhich board and I wear TEEs anyway.

I need to figure this out soon as I may have to give up TMP and I dont want to do that.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Featured Business - Overall Being

"Overall Being is about creating memorable moments, we provide unique & gorgeous gifts ranging from personalised products, aromatherapy, jewellery, photos & Massage.....Making a lasting impression for the mind, body and soul"
I am featuring Lisa Kavenagh over the 4 days of the Easter long weekend. Lisa Kavenagh is a Mum of 4 boys and owner of Overall Being. This is the first time that I have promoted any business for 4 days in a row. I recenetly auctioned this wekend to contribute to the Family Capers team when the took part in the World's Greatest Shave. Lisa bid the highest amount and she now has four days of promotion with TEEs Me, Please! I am trying to mix things up a bit to keep it fresh. Today, as I do not have a shirt for Overall Being, I wore a blue TEE as it is World Austism Awareness Day today. Tomorrow I will make up a TEE to promote Overall Being. This is the second attempt at a blog post; the last one disappeared into the vast recess of cyberspace and so far has not resurfaced. I have not made a promo video for Overall Being yet as I am planning something a little different and I may save it for Sunday (which is Lisa's birthday) or for her final day.

What can you find at Overall Being???

  • Massage
  • Gaia Skincare and Products
  • Numerology readings
  • Zoobies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Minky Blankets and homewares
  • Pendants
  • Scrapbooking and Album creating
  • Nappy Cakes
  • Jewellery
I haven't bought anything from Overall Being but I did receive a beautiful gift from Lisa a couple of months ago; a gorgeous necklace. I'll be adding pictures of this to my website. I do have plans to purchase from Overall Being sometime this year; I have a small wishlist already :D

I haven't met Lisa in person yet, although I hope to change that soon when I am in Melbourne for a few days. I met Lisa on facebook and from the start I have admired her. She is a loving mum and wife, she runs a great business and even when she has had some personal problems she has not let it keep her down. I am certain that Lisa would be one of those people that other people instaantly gravitate towards; she is full of warmth and is a very loving person.

I'll have more to add about Lisa and Overall Being over the next couple of days. Have a safe and Holiday Season xxxx

Friday, 26 March 2010 & My Grandma (doris Duckitt)

Last year for her birthday Alyssa Milano gave up presents and donated money to instead, and asked her fans if they could do the same. Well they did and she raised approx $75000 USD. I donated a little too. I was so inspired that I created a campaign too. It is free and very easy. You have 90 days to try to raise $5000 USD. $5000 USD will help supply water for an entire village. I have 5 days of my campaign left and I have only raised $10. $5.00 of that from myself and $5 from my mum. $20 is the minimum that will help someone; $20 gives one person clean water for 20 years.

I created my campaign to honour my grandma's memory. I had hoped some of my family would donate a little something (at least enough to make the $20) but as I said only my Mum did. I loved my Grandma a lot. She was born and died in the month of February and so February is often sad for me. I say often because February is also the month that my daughter was born in. My Grandma died the day before my daughter's 1st birthday.

My Grandma was a wonderful woman and I miss her tremendously. She was the one person in this world that never judged me, and while she didn't know all of my secrets she knew a lot about me. She had 10 children and with 9 of them she travelled from England to Australia along with my Granddad.

I never tool Grandma for granted and I always tried to visit her when I could or at least ring her. She watched with pride when I graduated from Uni (along with my parents). I was pregnant and single and she never cast judgement (though she gave me advice). She was very proud of my for graduating Uni and up until recently, when my Mum graduated, I was the first one in my family to do so. Before that she was at my theatre debut and tried to see me in as many plays as possible even when I only had a walk on roll.

I am not christian but my Grandma was (she was a Baptist). I was there when she was baptised. I wasn't going to have my son christened as I don't believe in it; I was going to have a naming ceremony instead. She asked if for her I would have him dedicated in her church. I didn't have to join, neither did Brandon, He wasn't baptised ... he was introduced to god I guess. As I didn't have to do anything that I didn't believe in I was happy to do this. And when my daughter came along I also had her dedicated. My younger two sons have had anything similar as she passed away and I lost the connection with her church.

My Grandma was there for a lot of important events and for many regular events. I miss her all the time. We would talk and we would just sit and be silent. And I thought she would be around forever as she was so healthy. We talked about me recording her stories (and she had a lot) but we both thought we would have plenty of time. But we didn't.

I gave her Eulogy. I only asked to have the time to say a couple of words and in the end i was asked to give the Eulogy. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that as she had a big family (at one stage we counted over 50 grandkids & greatgrandkids both blood and non-blood; she didn't like the term "step"). I'm glad I did.

I had no real regrets though when she died; I could have spent a tiny little more time with her perhaps but I'm happy to say that she knew how much I loved her.

So with all of this in mind I thought I would create the water campaign in her honour. My timing was bad though as I was launching a new business and also because I began to help out a couple of other people with their causes. I also didn't want to spam anyone. Now I just would like to raise enough money to give one person clean water for 20 years. I could add that other $10 myself  and I will if I have too, but I'd like it if a few people could spare $1.00 usd. People can trace their donation the entire way. I can start a new campaign later but this was for my Grandma. I know she would have loved the idea and she would have been the second person to donate if she was alive.

I am lucky to have 4 children and I know that many people consider that greedy. I try to limit our carbon footprint, and watch our consumption of resources. We sponsor a little girl too. But making sure other children in the world had clean drinking water was a perfect way to say thank you for my beautiful children. My kids all adore water (I have a love/hate relationship with drinking water especially now where we live) but my kids all adore it. A lot of people have been helping to rebuild Haiti; some of the money from this charity will go to Haiti. One in 8 people in the world do not have clean drinking water, and many women and children have to walk miles to get drinking water every day which is limiting their freedom.

thank you and I miss you Grandma.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Blog maintenance

I have neglected the blog of late as I have been trying to get my home/work life sorted out. I'm making changes to the blog and website over the next couple of days.

Thank you for your patience :)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Amy Prior "Creative Memories" Consultant NSW


Are you passionate about scrapbooking? So is Amy Prior :)
Are you a novice scrapbooker and don't know where to start? Amy can help you there.
Are you advanced and looking for a challenge? Amy will be running workshops and challenges.
Do you want to become a Creative Memories Consultant? Join Amy's Creative Memories team for only $99 and enjoy 30% discount PLUS opportunity to purchase addon kits at $89 each with added value of over $600!!! Added bonus gift power palette collection to all who purchase entire business add ons in March.

Amy is running several promotions at the moment :)

$5 voucher to all who joins mailing list via website contact me tab.

10% discount to all facebook fans.

Power Palette additions usually $15 but for the month of March $12 or digitial additions are only $4.80

All parties booked either catalogue or traditional in home parties (central coast NSW only) will include a free gift for all who place an order PLUS if you join the mailing list and facebook fan page you can benefit from the $5 voucher and 10% discount also!

I love scrapbooking and have done since i was in high school. It wasn't very big in Australia then. Some years ago I met other scrapbookers online (all based in the United States); it was eye opening seeing what an art form it was. I regret passing on the chance to get involved in the early days of scrapbooking in Australia.

I haven't made time for scrapbooking in the past few months and that is a shame. I have a lot of photos that will be lost if I don't take care to store and record them correctly. Needless to say I will be consulting with Amy in the near future. I am particularly interested in digital scrapbooking especially as I have so many photos stored on disks etc, and because it is great for the environment. I'll be taking advantage of Amy's special offer to my TEEs Me, Please! facebook fans; Purchase Storybook Creator 3.0 along with Memory Manager 3.0 and receive 2 free digital kits of your choice valued at $15 each! Must be purchased in the same transaction.

I will also be talking to Amy about photo storage options. There has to be a better way of storing my pics than in envelopes. Most will go into albums but where should I store them in the meantime?


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Family Capers, Linda Evener & The World's Greatest Shave

Wow; I haven't updated the blog in a long time. Today I am featuring Family Capers and Linda Evener.  I am trying to help Linda Enever (GM of Family Capers) to raise funds for the Leukeamia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave. Linda is a part of the Family Capers Team and will have her head shaved on Saturday March 13th. Their goal is $2000; they have raised $665.

Any TEEs Me, Please! fans that donate to the Family Capers Team will be added to a special page on the TEEs Me, Please! website with your name and a link to your website. If you donate over $20 I will make a small promo video for your business (or event eg birthday, anniversary, fundraiser etc… the only limit is your imagination and good taste etc). Click here to sponsor Linda and the team.

Clive Enever has kindly donated his time to also raise funds for this great cause. It’s a competition - meaning a lucky 12 individuals who RSVP and sponsor $15 to the cause will receive information on how to effectively run a business; tickets for a meeting like this are normally $90 per person. In addition to a fantastic offer, getting your friends/family to sponsor Clive in the Worlds Greatest Shave and telling Family Capers why you referred them, one lucky person has the chance to win a 3 hour session of one on one business coaching from Clive himself. Also, Clive has been set the challenge of shaving his head if the $2000 mark has been reached.

Family Capers was founde3d in November 2009 by Linda and Clive Enever. Family Capers is a suuportive online community with a strong emphasis on family life and community. Family Capers is involved in many fundraising events to help support the community. Not only is Family Capers taking part in the World's Greatest Shave, but they recently donated $2.00 from every V.I.P membership to Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids. BP4AK has been featured by TEEs Me, Please! before; their aim is to provide
1000 backpacks filled with essential items for children in care. Family Capers was able to contribute to this worthy organisation.

The Family Capers website has a wealth of information and resources for family members of all ages (from children to grandparents). Some of these resources include:

• The Business Directory
• The Department Store

• The FC Mag

• The Forum

• KidsZone

and more :)

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Today I was featuring, a business that offers new and expectant mums pre packed hospital bags full of those essential items and luxury products to pamper themselves. These make great gifts too.
You can find Mummahh on Facebook and Twitter:
Check out Mummahh’s website for their advertising opportunities :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Pretty Things Distract Me

Today I am featuring Pretty Things Distract Me. I wore a beaded headband from PTDM today :)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy Birthday Jim

Today I am featuring Jim Knott of and it's also Jim's Birthday today :)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! Hope you have a fantastic day :)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids - How you can help.

Today I have been promoting Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids.

How You Can Help BP4AK.

Here are a couple more ways that you can help :)

Family Capers' Have a Heart Campagin for Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids raised $28.00 thanks to all that helped but to give it a boost I have extended the VIP Offer till Friday! Become a VIP member and we will donate $2 to Despina Parakas great work. VIP membership is just $30 for 12 months so Join Now!

Pure Earth Noosa will donate $1 from every purchase to B4AK.

You could spread the word and let others know of the good work that Des is doing with BP4AK.

BP4AKs need the following urgently -
•Clothes for sizes 5 and up for boys and girls.
Pre loved is welcomed

****If at all possible, please send a top and a bottom, that way the outfit can be packed right away*****

•Underpants (new please) sizes 3 and up, boys and girls
•Nappies, from newborn to walker
•Baby wipes
•Disposable change mats
•Colouring in pencils or crayons

New Video for BP4AK

Warning.... i think in future before i make videos i should decide on how i will be wearing my hair... i changed my mind at the last minute and it ended up looking a fright.... not quite a professional look.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Videos

If Valentine's Day is your thing I hope you are having a great day!!!!

My day has got off to a less than impressive start.... i was updating my fiance's iphone when something froze and i had to restore the factory settings so he lost everything. It was lucky that I'd back up 99% of the photos and the one or 2 that weren't backed up were not important. iTunes notified me that there was a back up of the iphone... so I reinstalled that only to find out that it didn't back up his apps. Now everyone is tesnse and angry and to make matters worse it is pouting down rain so the kids can't go outside and run off their energy again. So I will be setting up the wii later for that reason.

I have made one video for Valentine's day and there will be a few more coming later.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tasha's Hope for Sight:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Happy Valentine's Day Catherine Bolt:

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

BackPacks 4 Aussie Kids

Today's I'm wearing a TEE from Backpacks4AussieKids; an organisation with the aim of providing 1000 backpacks filled with essential personal items for children in care.

BP4AKs need the following urgently -
•Clothes for sizes 5 and up for boys and girls.
Pre loved is welcomed

****If at all possible, please send a top and a bottom, that way the outfit can be packed right away*****

•Underpants (new please) sizes 3 and up, boys and girls
•Nappies, from newborn to walker
•Baby wipes
•Disposable change mats
•Colouring in pencils or crayons

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Backupify Your Online Information

You already know how important it is to back up your blog, website, and other online information. But, what about backing up the stuff that you don’t have control over like Twitter, Facebook, Basecamp, etc.? You can back that up too with Backupify. How cool!
If you’ve ever had a website hacked, a computer crash, or a website to just close their doors, you know what a pain it is to try and retrieve all the little bits and pieces of information. Backupify helps make sure you have a backup of your information when you need it the most.

Right now, you can claim your FREE Backupify account which includes backup for these online accounts:

  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Google Docs
  • Flickr
  • Facebook
  • Basecamp
  • Wordpress
  • Delicious
  • Photobucket
  • Blogger
  • FriendFeed 
  • More coming soon…

Don’t wait on this one! The free account giveaway will end Feb. 15, 2010.


Monday, 8 February 2010

TEEs Me, Please! is teaming up with Advertising Jim to play Cupid.

Are you looking for a unique way to send a message to your special someone for Valetine's Day? You could send a card, or an email or  you could do soemthing different. Jim Knott (of and Bron Mitchell (of are joining forces to play cupid in 2010. Jim and Bron will record a short video message from you to your special somebodyand post it online, on Feb 14,2010. You and your loved one will each receive the link to your message.

Each segment will run for 30 seconds and will cost $5.00 ($10.00 if you want Bron and Jim to film a segment each). Of course it must be tasteful, and not hurtful in any way. You can choose to have a private
or public video.

To order your segment please email Bron at: or Jim at:

The earlier you book your segment the more time we will have to work on it.

Orders close 4 p.m, February 13 (AEST).

Bron is located in Australia and Jim is in the U.S.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

making changes part 1 (identifying problem areas)

I've been giving a lot of thought to TEEs Me, Please! and why I'm attracting interest but not selling days.

The first problem is obviously the website.... and no calender.... .

Then there is only 4 blog followers.... nothing against you 4 but for TEEs Me, Please! to become my main income I need to have a large audience to show clients ("I have a 200 followers that want to see your business" makes more of an impact then I have 4 folowers). On Youtube I have 6 followers. I have 283 fans on facebook and that is a great start and twitter has around 50, but I still must get the numbers up.

I also need to take more pics throughout the day. This wasn't a problem when my daughter was my photographer as it's one of her passions but she's at school now and I dislike asking my boyfriend to take pics throughtout the day. I don't have my camera anymore either and I loved my camera.

The next problem is videos are now limited to the lattop and that is limiting. My phone was both a camera and a video....

Another problem is the laptop... I wanted this business to be portable to i could go out and about with my family and the company that is selling us the laptop aren't quite up to the job.

The companies that are interested don't always have a tee, hat etc. I don't want to be making shirts and I'm trying to source a company that will make shirts that are ecological and ethical and affordable for my clients.

The bar was set very high by the original tee wearer and I'm coming off as a tacky version.

I have a self esteem issue and that hinders not only the presentations but in how i promote myself.

I also have depression and every other day I feel useless and stupid.

so these are the main problem areas with TEEs Me, Please!

I have identified the problems and now i need to find the solutions. That will be another post for later today.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

To my fans (taken from my facebook fan page)

I know that this may lose some fans but I'm not just looking to increase my numbers; yes i would like a large fan base for TEEs Me, Please to show to clients but I would prefer the fans to be fans that are interested in the companies that I am promoting or interested in buying days for their business.a few seconds ago ·

Yes I need the numbers but I feel that many people may have joined just to bulk up those numbers. I'd like to now that people are reading the messages and are interested. A lot of these messages relate to my own business or other people's businesses/events etc. I don't want to be seen to be spamming or bribing and so forth. I invite people to beinvolved because this business needs you to work.

Thank you and no offence. This message hasn't been prompted by anything specific; I've just realised that not only am I making too many compromises in my homelife but I've already started making too many compromises with TMP :( Have a nice day.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


If you are looking for someone to test your product please think of TEEs Me, Please! I am happy to test your product and review it online on the blog, youtube etc :)

If you want the product returned I will return it after testing or I can pass it on as a prize.

New referral Comp :)

I am running another referral comp (a small one as i want to do a bigger one later). I need more "youtube" subscribers and "blog" follwers so whoever referrs the most new subscribers/followers until 11.59pm tonight will win a $20 voucher from SF Marler Photography to be used towards any session.

Please make sure that when the people sign up that they comment on the blog or the facebook fan page as to who they were refferred by.... ANYONE that is a fan can enter.... including any new fans today.

The prize is:
1 x $20 voucher to use towards any of the packages available with SF Marler Photography.

The terms for the voucher are:
Vouchers are valid for 3 months and are not redeemable for cash.
Only 1 voucher per transaction may be used

Little Bird Decor - video

I am trying my hand a video presntations again, with not much success. I miss my ophone; the camera and video on that were great. Anyway I'd like constructive feedback; yes I know it's very soft. The in-built mike is very soft.

Don't forget to check out LBD's facebook fan page and go check out the gorgeous items that they have for sale :)

Little Bird Decor

Today's feature business is Little Bird Decor, a family run business with 8 years experience in the industry :)

I was looking through the LBD website to see what I could share with you  and I found The Little Bird Decor's promise that I thought I would share with you. I was impressed by their integrity and honesty :)

This is Little Bird Decor's promise to their customers (directly from the website):

Our Promise:
We believe customers are our business - not our product.

With this in mind, we have developed our Customer Service Promise.

We Promise to give you value for your money.

With everything going up in price, we offer a quality product for excellent value so your dollar goes further.

We Promise to deliver exactly what we list in our store.

If for any reason you do not get exactly what we have listed on our site, send the goods back and we will refund the purchase price less any delivery fees.

We Promise to offer you a secure, fast and easy way to shop online.

All electronic payments are handled via PayPal ensuring a secure payment option. Once payment is complete you are returned to our store.

We Promise to have your purchase delivered in a timely manner.

Goods in stock will be dispatched the following working day after payment has cleared. Name Puzzles and Wall Decals will take approximately 3 days to make.

We Promise to resolve any issues that may arise.

Have a problem with our product? Send an email to us explaining the issue and we will work with you until both parties agree on the outcome.

How will we uphold this promise?

Receiving feedback from our customers via our blog, our facebook fan page or by email.

Feedback is vital for us to improve our products and services, so please take the time to let us and our site visitors how you feel about the Little Bird Decor experience.

We have committed to this promise by publishing it on our website.

Monday, 1 February 2010

New competition you tube subscribers - $20 voucher from SF Marler Photography

I am running a new competition. I have 1 subscriber on the teesmeplease youtube channel. 
I will give the prize to the person that refers the most subscribers  by 2.30 pm today. I know that is soon but this gives the winner a chance to make a booking by 8pm (est) tonight to receive their free montage.

The prize is:

1 x $20 voucher to use towards any of the packages available with SF Marler Photography. If you make your booking by 8pm (est) today you will be eligible to receive a free 8"x10" Photo Montage of your shoot.

The terms for the voucher are:

Bookings must be made by 8pm (est) to be eligible to receive a free 8"x10" Photo Montage of your shoot.

Vouchers are valid for 3 months and are not redeemable for cash.

Only 1 voucher per transaction may be used.

New competition blog followers - $20 voucher from SF Marler Photography

I am running a new competition. I have 3 followers of this blog and I would like to increase that to at least 100+ today by 2.30 pm.

I will give the prize to the person that refers the most followers by 2.30 pm today. I know that is soon but this gives the winner a chance to make a booking by 8pm (est) tonight to receive their free montage.

The prize is:
1 x $20 voucher to use towards any of the packages available with SF Marler Photography. If you make your booking by 8pm (est) today you will be eligible to receive a free 8"x10" Photo Montage of your shoot.

The terms for the voucher are:
Bookings must be made by 8pm (est) to be eligible to receive a free 8"x10" Photo Montage of your shoot.
Vouchers are valid for 3 months and are not redeemable for cash.
Only 1 voucher per transaction may be used.

In honour of my Grandma

Today would have been my Grandma's birthday. The 24th is the anniversary of her death. So this year in memory of my Grandma I signed up to raise funds for There are 59 days left of the campaign and the goal is $5000. I would like it if everyone could donate even $1.00 but if you can't please at least spread the word. I know that everyone is sending donations for Haiti and the world's greatest shave etc so another cause may be unwelcome.

In Bron's words... 
I first read about this campaign through an ezine that I am subscribed too; in the ezine was an article by Alyssa Milano. She was giving up her 37th birthday to raise money and wareness for this cause. I donated and then thought that I should start my own campaign. I am fortunate; I have 4 lovely children and while times have been tough we are still better off than many other people. I am lucky to have my children but I am also aware that there are too many children who don't have access to even basic water.

The name of my campaign is Doris Duckitt which is the name of my beloved Grandma; she passed away almost 6 years ago and I wanted to do something sepcial in her honour. She was a very special lady and I miss her a lot.

"Millions of women and children in developing countries walk over three miles every day to collect water. And sadly, often the only water they have is sitting stagnant in contaminated ponds and flowing through streams and rivers polluted by cows and human waste.

Unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation causes 80% of all disease in the world and kills 4,500 children every day. And the time spent collecting water keeps children out of school and women from pursuing economic activities.

Clean and safe water is readily available in underground aquifers, freshwater springs or with the help of simple filters. It just needs to be properly collected and managed. "[from the FAQ]

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sun, Jan 31, 2010

Today I've been revamping the blog and adding to the website.

On Monday Feb 1 i will be featuring a cause that is close to my heart :)

On wednesday i will be featuring Little Bird Decor.

Feb 14 is up for auction (i'll be listing the link here soon) & so is Feb 25 (as it's my daughter's birthday).

On feb 21 I will be featuring Jim Knott from Advertising Jim. More to come soon.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

TEEs Me, Please!

It's Australia Day today...

And today I am featuring Pretty Things Distract Me
As the video camera is charging I have not made a video so here is one I prepared last week ;) :
Today I am wearing a lovely beaded headband from PTDM, and my daughter is wearing a pretty pink, ribboned hair clip. I am enjoying wearing this headband. I have worn several styles of headbands throughout the years and most of them have given me a headache after a couple of hours but I do not have a headache at the moment. Another issue with other headbands on the market is that they rub behind the ears; this style doesn't. At times today I have forgotten that I was wearing the headband. It is feminine, elegant and very pretty :).
It was fiddly to put on initially as I haven't worn a headband like this before; but after a couple of tries I am able to put it on without any problems. It is versatile as I am able to wear it a couple of different ways; which I'll demonstrate with photos later. At $8.99 (aud) it is very reasonably priced too, especially as it is handcrafted and not made on an assembly line. I will be buying some of these from PTDM.
stay tuned for more posts later.
and don't forget to check out TEEs Me, PLease! on Facebook, Twitter and youtube :)
Bron :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Update on the website

I decided to change my mind on the website. I will still be having a website but I'm not sure whether I will still be going with the same style or something else all together. So until then will point to here :)

Thank you Daniel for your continued patience with changing my mind :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Launch today is today :)

Welcome :)
Today is the launch day for TEEs Me, Please! So far nothing has gone to plan but then again that's life :)

The website isn't ready yet. I'll announce here when it is.

It has taken 2 hours and my video for youtube still isn't loaded (sorry Jim; I am working on it).

Today I've been promoting Jim Knott of :)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Launch Date Changed

I just realised that I hadn't updated the blog with the new launch date; it is now January 17. 

Also the prize for the facebook fan referral comp has been announced.... 

the prize will be a free day for you and the person that referred you :) (and maybe some other goodies out of my prize cupboard)

more posts soon :)