Saturday, 19 December 2009

selling the top half of my wardrobe

Hi. I'm Bron.

Recently I came across a fantastic business idea. A work-at-home marketing genius is paid to promote companies. Sounds ordinary enough; but what makes it extraordinary is that this genius is paid to wear a different shirt everyday. He blogs about it, posts pics and videos etc; everyday!!! The idea is catching on BUT so far I haven't discovered any females doing this or any other Aussies either. So I'm diving in. I will wear your TEE (or hat, jumper etc) and blog about it, post a video and so on. Every day of 2010 is up for sale.

Think of the possibilities; sure you can promote your business but you can also PROPOSE to your significant other, celebrate an anniversary or birthday, send a thought for the day and so on. I will not wear anything rascist, hurtful, politically incorrect, sexually explicit, inappropriate, cruel or in bad taste. I prefer to TEEs to be made from organic, fair trade, sustainable or recycled materials.

What will i do with the TEEs when I'm finished. I'm working on that.... but it will probably involve a couple of my favourite charities.

I must have the TEEs a week before the booked date.

You can book more than one date (and will receive a discount).

Why pay me? I'm a stay at home mum looking to pay off an interstate move, and fully support my family finacially (i still have my Uni Degree to finish paying off). After years of being afraid to do anything I want to experience life again and to pas this on to my kids. I hope to take my family around Australia, get married and more. I have tried various jobs over the years (waitressing, kitchenhand, face painter, door-to-door sales, AVON and more). I have been involved in local theatre, run my own biz ezine, signed up for a few direct selling companies and more. I've amassed a wealth of resources and connections (mostly online). In 2010 I want to see it all put to good use.

I will review products/services, I will blog about your company, upload videos to YOU Tube, Tweet about your company and more.

So to get the ball rolling I need sponsors for January; especially the first week.

I'll be working on the full Terms and Conditions soon.

Please contact me here or via email ( with TEEs Me, Please! as the subject line).

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